Monday, December 10, 2012

Sizzling HOTTTT..10 Things you did not know about Me ..Little Miss Sugar Baby :)

Hello my Darling Readers..

I've been tagged on the Adult web site I use.. (not ashamed of it either..It is a great site when everything works the way it is supposed to) ...Yeahhhhhh someone thought enough of me to do that..or as I truly think, thought I was sooo boring I could not come up with 10 things..LOL..or needed a boost to my blog..LOL. I posted this on my blog at the "adult" site some of Us for those who have read this before , my apologies for repeating it..Just felt it was to good to just let it sit there and not be shared. I have also added a few tiny things to this hottt list.

 Here we goooooooooo...

10 things you did not know about me ( Or you did and never really wanted to know..LOL ...or you did not but guessed if it was must be wee wicked Maureen )

1) I am British/Irish/Dutch/American Indian (2 different tribes ) I am very proud of my own brand of diversity.

2 ) I am an unrepentant sugar baby/Kept woman. I provide pleasure and I am taken care of. No apologies here.

3) I am a writer (who is soo in need of a great editor) and actor. I have done both since I was a kid. I used to work in the Horror/mystery genre until I discovered a talent for erotica which I love, LOVE writing. (Thank you to my "Prince" )

4) I work out daily with a regular weekly routine of 700 pushups and arm curls with weights..70 miles of biking and running too. I love to dance and believe without music I'd perish swiftly.

5) I collect some toys..mostly dolls. I now have way to many..the same with lingerie, corsets, makeup, perfume and purses..wayyyy to many.

6) I love to Travel and we usually spend time in Southern California and Las Vegas.

7) Most folks see me as Strawberry Shortcake Princess Kitten type. I see myself as just me. I am loyal and can be counted on in emergencies to stand with the ones who need me the most. I may look like a sex kitten/toy doll but I have a core of steel where those I love are concerned. I am also Five feet 1 inch tall..hence the little, wicked wee part of how they see me. Yes, it has been said my chest has a tendency to enter a room 30 mins before the rest of me.

8) I have been told by some friends here( adult site ) that I am to nice, sweet, kind and complimentary to others. I see it as being Me..I want to make people feel good and smile..and well, screw it folks, I am damm good at it. I believe in what I say and I believe in compliments and praise. You only get once chance to get it right and make someones day better..take that chance. The reward will be Great Karma for life.

9) I love to bake desserts and love cooking shows. I am quite a foodie but do not have expensive taste in foods. I also do not drink much except for my one drink a year limit when I am in Las Vegas and dancing on table tops. I have no need for drugs..Life; happiness and pleasing a man can be my drug. I LOVE to please men and make the beautiful women I am lucky enough to know smile, laugh and feel great !!

10) I have my Sugar Daddy and one other man has claims on me..Prince Charming. He knows who he is.( and he will NEVER read this..LOL..I have no fear on that score. Somehow he loves my erotica but is not a fan of my blogging. I wonder why ..LOL..WINK )

C'est Moi mi amors...

Au revoir my darlings,



PS: Wanna share 10 things with me that I don't know about you ? Feel free to share my angels..

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat..Oh Baby Come and see what I've got here...

Hello Darling Readers,

Been a loooonggg few weeks here dealing with friends, no make that, people I thought were my friends, having emotional crisis one right after the other. Many nights sitting up with them, listening to them, comforting them..or having them phone the house early in the morning or late at night..I dropped what I was doing to be there for them..because that is how I view have good friends, one must be a GOOD friend..Put others first :) Only to find out on All Hallows Eve (Oct 30 2012) that I am. "NOT my friend" as he deleted me from his life. :( Oh well, at least I can say I tried. I tried to be there, to listen and to offer comfort and hugs when needed. I wish him only peace, health and happiness and I truly mean it too.

Now onto happier things...Doing my best for others took its toll on me and knocked out a nerve in my back causing me endless hours of pain..Yet I kept sending "cheer up" msgs to the non friend because that is how I roll. NOW, for our Samhain..Halloween I can be happy..Choco candy, shopping..dinner out and scary dvds I have not seen await me as I ring in Halloween 2012..I hope the best for you all all over the world as you celebrate with Us. May all your tricks be fun and all your treats be delicious.

Happy Halloween 2012 to all my Readers, angels, friends and fellow witches,



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RIP : Happily ever After and Once Upon a time Princes

Hello Faithful Readers,

Oui, C'est Moi..Maureen..the Sugar Baby Princess..who always believes until there is nothing left to believe in. Right now my head is killing me, the tears are non stop and I blame myself for everything.

Hugsss & a whole mess o' Tears,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 12 2012..I died in a Mans mind..RIP Sexy Sugar Babyz

Hello my Faithful and dear readers,

I did not expect to be passing away in someones mind tonight. Yet alas, I did just that. I had been emailing him since May/June 2012 and I have a folder where ALL 184 emails are saved from him. I thought he was a real nice person..funny, smart, cool to chat with. He is the man of the Initial name here..(the one who lives in fear of being discovered on my blog and having people know the Initial is him..Gasp..the horror...the one simple initial could defeat and damage his whole world. How awful to count me among his friends..sigh)

Tonight I saw him on Y msg and simply IM-ed him asking him how angry was he with me..He claimed to not know what I was talking about. He told me he thought I was the one angry with him. Turns out he told me he is all alone in the world and alas, that is a lie..He has a quite lovely girlfriend who does not know a single thing about me. A good friend told me when we were discussing the Prince of Pain.. (the tombstone could rep his feelings for me too I suppose)..that initial has a "live in girlfriend"..mmmm, what about all those emails asking me for things..massage, to be a meet right now..(THO he refused to speak on the phone..One time he called here as he wanted me to help him through a personal session with a part of his anatomy and moan for him.) I was never sure how I was supposed to set up a meeting when I was not allowed to call him. He never once told me about the GF..all I heard was how lonely he was and no sex for yrs.

I told him how it hurt to be lied to after the Prince of Pain did it for 6 yrs..He denied lying to me. Told me no emails or FB msgs reached him. (Yeah, they did) Told me he owed me nothing though I had been completely honest with him from the beginning. Told me he didn't like it that I believed other peoples lies over him. I NEVER lie so this was quite a blow to me..and I merely told Initial that I was hurt ..not angry or mad..HURT that a friend told me the truth he seemed to be unable or unwilling to do.

His last words were..."Unless you send me those photos of you (racy) you are dead in my mind to me." I said "Ok got it.done" and ended the IM. Sooo unless my darlings I send a man and his GF too I guess, photos of me, I am dead to him. I told a darling friend of mine/role model to me and between her brilliant mind and my Sugar Daddy's, they created this lovely image.

I died tonight in some mans mind..RIP racy photos of me that were never sent and now never will be..LOL.

Initial I really liked you..thought we were becoming very good friends. I even said that right now I have 3/4 male friends I truly trust and named you (OH the horror, I actually said your name) as one of them. I hope you send flowers to my tombstone..this morning, I died in your mind.

RIP: ME :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

OUR Princess Diana..forever missed


I am late in writing this as I was very sick and struggling still to find the right words. Has it truly been 15 yrs since we lost Princess Diana ? How is that even possible ? Even thinking about her and then the loss feels like someone is punching me right in my heart. I have long admired Diana and all she stood for. The causes she represented long before anyone else choose to do so. Aids, mines..etc..She stood up first when others shied away.

I remember her wedding..the birth of the kids..the divorce and how she came out of it all a stronger woman. I was happy for her and proud of her.

So much love in her heart for others and the eternal search for love for herself. Did she find it at the end of her young life ? No idea..but I for one am happy she was at peace in Paris and on vacation with Dodi. He made her laugh and what woman doesn't love a man who can make them laugh and feel secure ? I know I do. (Sugar Daddy is excellent at making me feel secure and laughing all the time)

Then the fateful night in Paris..The drive to escape the Paparazzi..that forever dammed tunnel..I was coming home and up the stairs of my building. Mom opened the front door.."Have you heard ?" she asked me. I'd been listening to Frank Sinatra on the car radio so thought perhaps we lost him.."Frank ?" I asked as we walked inside.

"NO, Diana." I put my purse down..God NO..Not her..It must be some other Diana.."Dodi is dead" Mom quietly said. That is when I knew it was not some other was OUR Diana.

"Mom, I can't process this..I will think about Dodi later" I looked at the TV..the ambulance in the tunnel..the long wait to move her to hospital.I felt as if I'd been punched..and I can still feel the hurt. I sat there...waited and waited and the news..the death of someone I cared about..looked up to and adored. OUR Peoples Princess , Diana was gone. "The boys" I whispered.."Oh god the kids". Luckily they were not in the car with Diana, Dodi, Henri Paul the driver and the bodyguard. Funny thing I can see all of them in the car, at the hotel steps waiting for the car and for the life of me can not recall the bodyguards name..(yeah some writer and researcher me.. I should have looked it up first before starting this..)

To this day when I think of her..It is with pride of what she accomplished..what she gave to the world in 2 amazing sons..Prince William and Prince Harry..I still feel the loss and always will. I remember hearing Diana is dead..going to the bathroom and just crying in agony..How can the world be so cruel ? I know men and women see her loss differently..Men shrug when we talk of Diana in glowing terms..Yet I will always remember where I was when we lost her..and how it felt to hear the news.

I can see her in my minds eye at the wedding of her son William..a true love match with his beloved Kate. How happy she would have been and all eyes on her until Kate walked in , in that "dress". How she would have laughed, loved and been happy..

God Rest your Soul Diana .. Dodi, I am sorry for your loss . Your family aches for you too, and always will. Thank you for being a part of our world even though it was way to short a time.

I will miss you..and I know my Mom and My friends who are in Heaven before me, told you I said Hello when you all passed each other "Up there".


Sunday, August 26, 2012

I will Survive..even a Princes Lies can not harm me anymore"

Hello Darlings,

I know long time no see..I have been checking back and forth here and nice to say that the Lego pix and my Monster High Pix are certainly getting a lot of Google attention. I feel so bad tho as folks come here thinking they are going to read all about a collector and her "toys" and then they end up in Sugar Baby Land. Sorry folks, the door is over there..Nice to see you and I am waving :)

My Dollhouse is one that was built around me. I am known as a "Sugar Baby" as I live with the man who takes care of me and provides for me. He buys the toys and I show my appreciation. He is a good man, a better man than some one like me deserves. I do my best to keep him happy. At least I think he is happy. I am pretty sure he'd prefer it if I did not have so many  many male friends. Well, I have one less now. LOL. Thanks Prince O Pain..Message received. Now you know why a Haunted Doll-House is the image for my blog.

I am a member on various social networking sites..One of whom is way cute and just went through a name change..It is like being in school and you take your yearbook around and have folks sign it. You collect all the cool people you wish you'd been buddies with in school/life. Anyhoo..over there some anon person asked me this question..and this was my reply..


Q: If you could be reincarnated into anything you wanted, what would it be? asked by Anonymous

A: Me :) With all I know and all my memories so I would NEVER make the same mistake twice.

Then I could warn all the women that fake MEN abuse, to avoid those so called Men at all costs.

Hugs, MOI

Ok so that was pretty ballsy I admit..Like hey, I've had such a fabulous life as a kept woman that now I want to relive it all over again...

Then I took a peek at my Love horoscope for Sunday and this is what it told me..

Your love horoscope for August 26, 2012  :

The planetary configuration is bringing you to the point where you can no longer remain silent about a certain subject. You can no longer hide behind a mask of smiling pleasantries, but need to be authentic. Say it like it really is - whatever it is. Then your smile will be a real smile as the difficulties melt away before your eyes, and you feel healed within and without.

Is someone in our amazing Universe trying to tell me to just be Me..tell the truth not let him hurt anymore women ..I do not know. Whatever it is trying to say, I am listening.

Welcome to my Dollhouse..I hope you'll consider visiting it again..Fairly cool place I think. I am open to suggestions, ideas and oh yes, Happiness too :)

Hugs and Kisses,


"Sugar Baby  Extraordinaire  "

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watch this space My darlings...Baby is back on top !!


This is now the first day of the rest of my Life. I know what I want and I know I will get it. I am rewriting this blog as I still love the artwork but my life is happier then when I first penned this blog post.

I do not know if you will see this..but I am glad you are back in my life. Any part of you, even a tiny amount as compared to what we've shared before, is better then none. I asked for friends forever and that is what we have.

You know me well enough to know that I keep my word and all my promises to you.

On the Happy Road to bigger and better things,



Monday, June 11, 2012

Haunted House in Just my Size

Hello all,

Trying to load this on mo time..LOL..This house is sooo my size, haunted and perfect..I must have it. Brand new not yet released of the Lego Monster Fighters series. I have a bunch of their Castle series but I need this one..I want this one...I will have it :) (Insert wicked evil laugh)

Want to be my neighbor ?



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When the heart is pulled from your body...where do you begin to trust again ?

Hello Faithful readers,

C'est Moi..feeling in a very bluesy mood is almost the witching hour..Midnight..perhaps when it turns to become WED, I'll feel better. I've been fighting back the tears for hours now and fighting a losing battle with them.  I thought censoring my blog at the "other site" was bad enough..I thought watching a friend be stalked by a lunatic was horrible..I thought losing a friend would be the worst I could go through..and I was right on that...It hurts like a son of a B...a deep , cavernous wound that feels like it will never close. I felt this same pain when my Best Friend Alex was taken from me by a massive heart attack. I can not replace her..or my Mom..or anyone I've lost to Heaven. What makes it even rougher is I did nothing to deserve the loss...I was the cheerleader..the whipping boy..the one who always believed in Him and his dreams..and now..a month has gone by and like the idiot I am, I sit and wait..perhaps today will be the day my friend speaks nicely to me..

I guess when we agreed to always be friends I thought he meant it as much as I did..At least I am glad our last "good" day together was April 19th and I got to say what was in my heart even though I was scared to death to say it..scared it would upset him/tick him off..My hands heart pounded so loudly I thought he could hear it...and I quietly typed..

"1 year or 1 thousand..I will always want and ache for you and  feel the  need to please you..and it will always be there " I waited..shaking and he typed back..We've been friends for 6 yrs..and this was a year anniversary of whatever else we "shared". I promised him early on that my feelings for him would never change but always, always, always be there..

"YESSSSS it will" he typed..Our last happy conversation ended on a happy passionate note. For that I will always be grateful.

Forgive me my tears...understand my heart is not only aching, the damm thing is shattered..I am so afraid I will never be able to trust anyone else ever again..6 years or 6 thousand, this kind of pain never dies..Perhaps one of these nights I will start sharing here how it all it tragically ended..maybe even some of my erotica will find a home here and go back to where it belongs on the "other site".

Thanks for reading this..and for being here..Kind of feels like I am not alone..Close the door softly as you leave..Please.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dolls (well some of) in my Dollhouse

Hello Dear Readers,

I shared this photo on my FB page but thought I'd share it here too..These are the dolls that helped inspire me to bring my dollhouse here and blog about my life as a Sugar Babyz. Sugar Daddy bought all these dolls. They range from $3.99 for the open Cleo de Nile dolls out of package up to $21.99 for a Lagoona set. They are highly addictive as you can see/tell. I told Him that he never enables my bad behavior/choices. Sugar Daddy laughed then said that He only enables me in this collection and one on Kathy Van Zeeland handbags. LOL. He is such a good provider..I am a lucky Babyz indeed.

Happy Half Naked WED..Happy HUMP Day..Happy Wankers Day as my sis says in the UK,

Have fun & Enjoy Life,



Saturday, May 5, 2012

Censoring a Sugar Babyz NEVER works well

Hello Dear Readers,

I finally have my google blog back to normal now and Twitter is safe now too :) I have an update to my recent woes with my life and my erotica. A friend of mine has been rather upset and accused me of things I did not and would NOT in an attempt to appease him, my blog on another site was censored. It broke my heart to do that. I am sad to say I think he knew that it would. YOU do not tell a writer to stop writing and once published or posted ,tell them it has to be removed. I carefully made copies and took screen shots but did as I was ordered to do. Btw, the posts/erotica had been on the website for over a year without a single problem being attributed to it. Not even the tiniest hint of anything favourtism no problems..Until now..ALL because someone talked when they should not have and told the wrong person info/intel they had no right to repeat. Eventually the posts/erotica will come back..By my count over 30,000-50,000 people have viewed and read/enjoyed them on several sites. I have no intention of denying the posts are mine or censoring them elsewhere. Other members blogs were also singled out for censoring. Sadly the whackjob stalker took  a lot more then my words down..she brought others down too and what did she achieve ? Nothing..Nothing at all. Our words may be in hiding but they still breathe, they still move others to pleasure and happiness. You won no battles and you won't win this censorship war.

The Fairy Tale of my life may be over for least this part of it...I will survive ..I will move on and what I had with one, I can have with others. My friend in France told me "You lose 1 and you will gain 10 in its place" I like that statement. There are many Princes out there asking for my other glass slipper..Just a shame that the one I cared about as my dear "great" (as he called me) Friend did not believe IN me as much as I always believed in him. I NEVER believed the gossip about him. I had faith. To bad he had none in me.



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Life is what our thoughts make of it

Hello Dear Readers,

Just today I had to change my blog settings..I thought I could keep this an open blog but now since I've been unfairly accused of something to keep my privacy, I had to change my settings on the blog to closed to only my fellow bloggers..

I have not done the things someone else accused me of doing. I was not asked if it had happened I was told it happened and to not do it again by someone I trusted. I had to talk to someone else I trusted to make sure if they were the person passing along info they needed to know someone is lying to them and about them too. Now this friend of mine is angry and hurt..and oh yes, crying too. Congrats Monster who sought to hurt me among others..Your lies made someone who trusted you cry too. Bet you didn't think that would happen did you ? Long weekend of no fun. Have I finally stopped you and your lies about me ? I doubt it. With my luck you are a fellow blogger here too..My own family came to view my blog and now I have to close it to stop anymore lies from spreading. They might think it was because of them.

I do not dislike easily or even hate..but now..I am raging. How dare you violate my life and privacy with your lies and gossip ? How dare you Monster..

My one saving grace is that people who believed in you now know you for the liar you are. I was told quite awhile ago by someone I trusted that you are a liar and to not believe a single word you say..You messed with the wrong Bitch this time. Karma will come to those who do evil as well as those who do good.

Sorry folks..Had to say it..


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to MOI :) Mexican food, boobs and donuts..LOL.

Hello Darling Readers,

Well April 18th 2012 has come and gone..My Birthday. It was a wonderful day which I spent laughing and having a delightful time for the whole 24 hrs. Everyone should have such a day.

The flowers are sent via online from my sis in the UK..Loved them..Put them everywhere today. LOL. Yeah that is how this Princess rocks and rolls.

I woke up..Fed my kitties..Hungry demanding devils..way to much like me..LOL..Did a full power workout and felt awesome..Grabbed a hot shower..which is a normal shower until I get into it and it becomes HOTTT..(LOL) Then the Sexy Kitten makeup goes on..check..did that...add tight pants and my slutty top which is slit from neck to belly button.check got that ;) Hot pink Birthday bra and voila..Baby is ready to rock..I wrote my emails and chatted with a close pal Kat..we shared some good laughs..Prince Charming sent me offline msgs before I logged in to let me know he was thinking of me. (xoxo and thanks babe) Then Sugar Daddy came into the pc room at our house..He took one look at me and eyes went straight to the cleavage he could not miss..and blushed, giggled like a teenage boy and said "Boobies"..then he saw the rest of me and said "Wow".

Sugar Daddy took me to a meal at my very favourite Mexican eatery..delish and packed today of all days. As we drove there a white truck passed us and the passenger leaned out of his window to take a look at me or as much of me as he could see..Could he see boobage from there ? Maybe so. LOL..Hope he enjoyed it..By his smile I think he did. After our meal as we exited the place 3 men sitting at a nearby table all gave me that "look". Made me feel good to make people feel something special on my special day.

Went shopping for the infamous black and white and hard to find Frankie Stein from the Monster High doll collection..No luck sadly. Bought some stuff for kitties at Target and ran by Toys R us and Kmart in hopes for the doll..( time) Finished up the night at an amazing place called Chucks Donuts..(Yum yum good..too good..) I had to have one for my bday and the kitties love donuts so shared with my girls.

Came home to install new memory in our pc and now it works even faster and I love it as it is so quiet now..Thanks Mike for being by your phone and knowing I'd need you to talk me through some of it. XOXO.

Welcome to my Birthday...Great fun..Great food..Great Cleavage..(LOL) Happy day all 24 hours of it.

Huggs and Kisses,

C'est Moi,


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood and now home...


It's me once again. I am home finally from my romantic adventures in Hollywood. My Sugar Daddy took the photo here so I could share it with one and all.

My Tarot was right. I did need to get away and get my head straight again and figure out what I truly want and need for my own life. I needed to take a step back and try and figure out where I am heading to. I needed a break from Prince Charming and all the extra drama surrounding me. Did I think about the Prince while in Los Angeles ? Of course I did, but not as much as I thought I would. I saw his name everywhere and even saw buses with the names of the cities he lived in while going to University down here in Los Angeles. One night I went to a fast food eatery and the Manager reminded me sooo much of Prince R that I had to laugh. He even did the same Rico Suave act and flirted with me very obvious too. The Manager even assured me "I will see you tomorrow"..LOL..Really ?? Let me know how that works for you, I thought.

We had a marvelous drive to So Calif and made it there in 6 hours or so. I love Hollywood and have friends who are in the industry and that makes for fascinating conversation. I was having a blast till Sun night when I went into my hotel rooms bath and was in the shower..I suddenly slipped..found myself falling backwards and smacked my head straight into the shower wall with such a force, it shook the room. I screamed and I could hear my Sugar Daddy yell from the other room where the Grammys were on and Adele was singing. I found myself pitching forward and about to slam face first into the hard tile floor outside the shower/tub when I felt something or someone push me backwards..I hit the wall again, leaving brusies all over my back, started to slide down into the tub and as it happened, I began to view it all from outside of my body..I blacked out and the next thing I know Sugar Daddy is standing next to the tub quite concerned. He asked me who the President was and I said "Von Hindenburg" and we thought if I can name cabinet ministers from 1930's Germany, than I am going to be okay. It was a long tense night and alot of ice on my head. We did not sleep till well into the next morning.

I am still having some twinges of pain from this fall and smackdown in the tub. I can not recall how I ended up in the tub and it hurts to try to remember what really happened in there. I will never know who saved me I just know someone did and it sure as hell was not me. My friend Mare sent me a message detailing something similar happened to her in her artists studio. She believes we were both saved for a reason. Am I worth saving ? Probably not..but someone thought so..and here I am to blog yet another day.. The rest of the trip was filled..Cool people I met..Great meals..Lovely presents and a very romantic Valentines day.

I am happy to be home but truly miss So Calif right now. I would have preferred to have a non accident trip but there you go..somethings happen for a reason.. As we drove home we were about 55 miles frome home when a guy was speeding behind we pulled over and slowed down to let him pass us and he did so at 80+ miles per hour..he lost control of his car, an SUV and went up on 2 wheels and slammed into a big rig in the next lane..His radiator fluid ended up spraying all over our car/windshield. With Sugar Daddys Nascar driving skills we managed to avoid getting anything worse than that. I checked on the big rig guy and the speedy driver and both were shaken but okay. What a trip..starts off with a fall and ends with a crash...We made it safely home though and boy did our house look great to us by than.

Happy to be home and Happy to be writing this to you all..Happy Weekend,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sugar Babyz Unite :)

Hello My Friends,

I am enjoying life each and every day. A year ago in Feb 2011 I was dealing with a bizarre female stalker at our "other" site. She was determined to make me pay for walking, no make that, running away from her so called "friendship". It was one of the brighter decisions I ever made. 2011 was a year of personal growth for me. My erotic writing took off and has over 35,000 readers now. I am very happy that something I created can make others happy too.

2011 was the year of the "Prince Charming" and all that he did for me,because of me and to me. He is my muse, good or bad. The writing will live long after I have ceased to and am to be found in one of the 7 circles of Hell. (LOL) I am sooooooooo going to dedicate the book of erotica to him even though he would prefer to remain in the shadows. I feel like taking a lighthouse and turning that big light right on my work. :)

I keep hearing from my men and women friends on how hard it is to find love and sexual chemistry. I hear Men blaming women and vici versa. I am in the rare situation with more than one to keep me happy though one is trying harder than the other these days ;) I want all my friends to find what they are seeking to make them happy. Do whatever it takes to satisfy the primal urges. Why say No when saying Yes feels so right ?

I guess I am just sitting here right now and wondering what do I really want ? Is what I wanted last year still what I am aching for this year ? Where is the man who told me he wanted me pulsating and panting for his touch ? How he demanded to see that before coming to me..I never said being a Sugar Babyz was easy but damm my angels, it should not be this hard. Should it ?

I did my own Tarot as you've seen me mention was very eye opening. The cards read the Prince exactly as I knew they would. They described him to a "T". They also said for my own good I needed to take a vaca somewhere..and soon..Week later another Horoscope arrives and tells me Sugar Daddy and Babyz have to go away NOW. I told Sugar Daddy and lo and behold he believed it too. I received an interesting Tarot reading today by email and thought I'd share it here.

The Three cards for my reading for WED FEB 1st 2012 were..
The World (Love)..The Hanged Man (Touchstone)..The Star (Career)

Today, you're in no mood to declare your undying devotion to your partner, MAUREEN. The conjunction of the Hanged Man and the World puts you in a bad position for making sacrifices or concessions. You keep your distance rather than get too involved, and you prefer light-heartedness to stability. You must act as you think best, but take care not to hurt those close to you with your fickle attitude.Professionally, your projects seem to have come to a standstill. The alliance between the Star and the Hanged Man indicates a situation where you can do nothing, but wait. Naturally, this is quite frustrating. Even more so because you have plenty of ideas, but neither the resources nor the authority to put them into practice. Your action radius is rather reduced, because the people higher up are not giving you the recognition and trust that you deserve. Do not let this get you down too much; continue to do your best!

This was followed by these two, a regular horoscope and a Love scope..

Your love horoscope for February 1, 2012 Don't allow the appearance of troubled waters to stop you from planning a wonderful time out with your partner later on today. The current transits could mean that you may have a few things to discuss, but it would be best if you did not put this off, even though you suspect that you may need to be quite firm about a certain issue. Talking brings a happy resolution.
Your horoscope for February 1, 2012 Love matters may seem to be far worse than they really are, MAUREEN. Emotion runs high as your current love interest seems preoccupied and uncommunicative; however, it wouldn't be a good idea to let your insecurities get the best of you and lash out. Your partner's heart is with you, though the mind is another matter. Family or career problems are getting in the way of your enjoying each other. Bite your tongue, be patient, and hang in there.

Not sure what to make of any of it yet..It is WED and that is a Prince Charming day..

Hoping your HUMP Day/WED is a Great one,



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Daily Tarot reading for Jan 24 2012

Hello all,

I am still Elton John would sing..I will survive as Gloria would sing..

Those of you who know about my Prince and myself well ..9 mths is as long as "always" appears to last.

That is why I thought this Tarot reading I received in my email was to to funny..Someone is either reading my mind/heart or just trying to be helpful in a bizarre way.

The other reading I did for myself was very good. It described the Prince to a "T" and said what I needed was a very nice restful it looks like I shall be heading to Southern Calif soon..Peace is what the cards are telling me I need. I shall listen to them.

Enjoy this wild Tarot..& Hugssss,


PS: I am not the one who closed the door on anything..or did I ?? ;)

Daily Tarot for Jan 24, 2012 ..The Emperor (Love)..The Judgement (Touchstone)..The Hanged man (Career)

Today, be ready to listen to someone who opens their heart to you, MAUREEN! Judgment, together with the Emperor, promises a few surprises as far as love is concerned. You may have thought that Prince Charming hardly knew you existed, but he suddenly looks your way; or Sleeping Beauty suddenly wakes from her slumber and her eyes light on you. Your daily routine is set to be stirred up by unexpected events - don't close the door on them!As far as work is concerned, you may get some news that leads to a shake-up, but it doesn't excite you in the least! With the Hanged Man clouding your attitude, you're unable to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Judgment. You could be offered a journey to the ends of the earth and you'd only see it as a great reason to stay home in bed. A bit more optimism and open-mindedness will bring you great things today!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tarot Cards..Love and wth ??

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone well and happy..I am doing good today. Had a bunch of laughs with a pal from the "other" site as we refer to it..(The link is on my google+ profile) Then I came to my emails and the horoscopes, tarot and love scope for WED was there in my inbox. WED is "Prince Charming" day for me usually..Not sure what the stars are trying to tell me. I have been to afraid to do my own Tarot card reading for fear of what it will tell Me. Maybe tonight I will..

Wish me luck..I'll need it..

Here is my daily horoscope for WED :

Your horoscope for January 11, 2012 When it comes to issues of requiring real thinking, be careful of letting someone else take control. You might have a rather lazy attitude in this department, MAUREEN, and it could be tempting to simply let someone else do the thinking for you. This type of attitude is apt to lead you down a path that is not meant for you to walk on. Taking responsibility for yourself means always thinking for yourself, as well. So do it.

Yowsa...that is sooo me, isn't it ? Little Miss does what she is told to do always..sigh..

My Love scope also WED :

Your love horoscope for January 11, 2012 The vibration from the planets makes you very prone to believing anything and everything today. If someone has been pursuing you quite ardently, you may find that they resort to a different set of tactics whereby they try to work on your sympathy, or get you to listen to a certain sob story in order to make you feel guilty. Whatever you do, don't pay attention.

Great..I can see how WED is going to be already...more sighs..

The Tarot for WED..The cards were : The High Priestess (Love) The Empress (Touchstone) and The Star (Career)

The word for your love life today, MAUREEN, is caution! Don't try talking things over with others until you've thought real hard about what you can or should say. The dual influence of the High Priestess and the Empress is making you rather ambivalent - you feel open and reserved, both at the same time. So no empty-headed chattering with your girlfriends, no rambling to your significant other, just sit quiet and listen and don't speak unless you have to.In your professional life, your sincerity and motivation make you very successful. When it comes to analyzing situations, you are lucid and intelligent, you take the right steps to resolve any problems, and you know how to negotiate with your partners and how to conclude a deal with a client. The Star and the Empress are exerting a very beneficial influence on all your human contacts and communications today. As soon as you open your mouth, people will listen!

The words for the day..Listen and Caution..Oh boy is Ryans room going to be a lot of fun today.


Maureen, Your Favourite Red headed Witch :)

PS: I will do a Tarot tonight before bed and post results later..wish me more luck.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gimme the bad news baby..I want to know that I am your biggest mistake


A HUGE thank you to two friends of mine who cheered me up today and sat with me and let me cry on them a bit..Ok more than a bit...sorry ladies about that :)

My sis Beth asked me what I was looking for or hoping for..all I want now is the truth. I think I know it but I just want to hear it . As bad as I know it will be, I'd rather hear it than go on wondering what went wrong.

It's funny and sad..everytime I go out I get attention from men..tonight I had to call in a new credit card and the guy started giving me his whole life story from high school on and than added I should call anytime ..and how sad he was that he did not have a direct phone number to give to me so I could call him and just him..I told him, yes I was using The Voice, "Baby, you have my number now..use it". The one man I want to talk to me can't be bothered and all the rest, all they seem to want to do is talk to me..touch me..possess me. Promise me how happy they can make me..Fairy tales should not be this hard. (BTW the credit card guy has a hot voice too and is a reserve fireman in Arizona. Sounded hot. )

Even for this Sugar Babyz life is hard..Does it ever get any easier when the folks we care so much for let us down ?



Saturday, January 7, 2012

My life in song...or song lyrics

Hello all,

Well here I am again..posting away about my life. For the past couple days a friend from my other site (which I do promote on my google+ account.) and I have been talking on the phone about our site and lives..I remembered that I had not posted to this blog lately. I owe some thanks to Mz Foxy for her intriguing question and to a dear friend for the lovely Haunted house with faires artwork she gifted me with. I am so happy to post it here.

It will soon be a month since the Tarot card readings and the aftermath..No word from the Prince but life goes on..I hope all is well but I have no idea or way of finding out. Sometimes caring about folks comes with a very high price. Especially is someone is lying to you about really important things.

Anyhoo it is a weekend...yee haaaaaaaa and I am so going to enjoy it. My Sugar Daddy took me out shopping today and bought me the finest pair of black boots with all the bells and whistles I have ever seen..Baby is very happy indeed tonight :) I shall have to show my gratitude to him very soon. He also found this cd for me by a group I never heard of and when I heard the first words of this song I knew it was all about ME. I have to share it with ya'll.

Happy weekend and hope ya'll enjoy this amazing song as much as I did..Someone wrote my life down and put it to music..



"Hell on Heels"

I'm hell on heelsSay what you willI done made the devil a deal
He made me prettyHe made me smartAnd I'm gonna break me a million hearts
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for you
This diamond ringOn my hand's The only good thingThat came from that man
Got a G.T.O. from one named Joe
And a big piece of land down in Mexico
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for youI got a pink guitar
A Lincoln town carFrom ol' what's his name
I meet at a barGot a high rise flat in HollywoodFrom a married man wasn't up to no good
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for youThen there's JimI almost forgot I ran him offBut I took the yachtPoor ol' BillyBless his heartI'm still using his credit card
I'm hell on heelsSugar daddy, I'm coming for youI'm hell on heelsSay what you will
I done made the devil a deal He made me pretty He made me smart And I'm gonna break me a million hearts
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for youI'm hell on heelsSay what you will
I done made the devil a dealHe made me prettyHe made me smartI'm gonna break me a million heartsI'm hell on heelsSugar daddy, I'm coming for you

I'm hell on heelsSay what you willI done made the devil a dealHe made me prettyHe made me smartAnd I'm gonna break me a million hearts
I'm hell on heels Baby, I'm coming for you
This diamond ring On my hand's The only good thingThat came from that man
Got a G.T.O. from one named JoeAnd a big piece of land down in Mexico
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for youI got a pink guitarA Lincoln town carFrom ol' what's his nameI meet at a bar
Got a high rise flat in HollywoodFrom a married man wasn't up to no good
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for you
Then there's JimI almost forgot I ran him offBut I took the yachtPoor ol' BillyBless his heart
I'm still using his credit card
I'm hell on heelsSugar daddy, I'm coming for you I'm hell on heelsSay what you will I done made the devil a dealHe made me prettyHe made me smartAnd I'm gonna break me a million hearts
I'm hell on heelsBaby, I'm coming for youI'm hell on heelsSay what you willI done made the devil a dealHe made me prettyHe made me smartI'm gonna break me a million hearts
I'm hell on heelsSugar daddy, I'm coming for you