Sunday, August 26, 2012

I will Survive..even a Princes Lies can not harm me anymore"

Hello Darlings,

I know long time no see..I have been checking back and forth here and nice to say that the Lego pix and my Monster High Pix are certainly getting a lot of Google attention. I feel so bad tho as folks come here thinking they are going to read all about a collector and her "toys" and then they end up in Sugar Baby Land. Sorry folks, the door is over there..Nice to see you and I am waving :)

My Dollhouse is one that was built around me. I am known as a "Sugar Baby" as I live with the man who takes care of me and provides for me. He buys the toys and I show my appreciation. He is a good man, a better man than some one like me deserves. I do my best to keep him happy. At least I think he is happy. I am pretty sure he'd prefer it if I did not have so many  many male friends. Well, I have one less now. LOL. Thanks Prince O Pain..Message received. Now you know why a Haunted Doll-House is the image for my blog.

I am a member on various social networking sites..One of whom is way cute and just went through a name change..It is like being in school and you take your yearbook around and have folks sign it. You collect all the cool people you wish you'd been buddies with in school/life. Anyhoo..over there some anon person asked me this question..and this was my reply..


Q: If you could be reincarnated into anything you wanted, what would it be? asked by Anonymous

A: Me :) With all I know and all my memories so I would NEVER make the same mistake twice.

Then I could warn all the women that fake MEN abuse, to avoid those so called Men at all costs.

Hugs, MOI

Ok so that was pretty ballsy I admit..Like hey, I've had such a fabulous life as a kept woman that now I want to relive it all over again...

Then I took a peek at my Love horoscope for Sunday and this is what it told me..

Your love horoscope for August 26, 2012  :

The planetary configuration is bringing you to the point where you can no longer remain silent about a certain subject. You can no longer hide behind a mask of smiling pleasantries, but need to be authentic. Say it like it really is - whatever it is. Then your smile will be a real smile as the difficulties melt away before your eyes, and you feel healed within and without.

Is someone in our amazing Universe trying to tell me to just be Me..tell the truth not let him hurt anymore women ..I do not know. Whatever it is trying to say, I am listening.

Welcome to my Dollhouse..I hope you'll consider visiting it again..Fairly cool place I think. I am open to suggestions, ideas and oh yes, Happiness too :)

Hugs and Kisses,


"Sugar Baby  Extraordinaire  "