Monday, December 10, 2012

Sizzling HOTTTT..10 Things you did not know about Me ..Little Miss Sugar Baby :)

Hello my Darling Readers..

I've been tagged on the Adult web site I use.. (not ashamed of it either..It is a great site when everything works the way it is supposed to) ...Yeahhhhhh someone thought enough of me to do that..or as I truly think, thought I was sooo boring I could not come up with 10 things..LOL..or needed a boost to my blog..LOL. I posted this on my blog at the "adult" site some of Us for those who have read this before , my apologies for repeating it..Just felt it was to good to just let it sit there and not be shared. I have also added a few tiny things to this hottt list.

 Here we goooooooooo...

10 things you did not know about me ( Or you did and never really wanted to know..LOL ...or you did not but guessed if it was must be wee wicked Maureen )

1) I am British/Irish/Dutch/American Indian (2 different tribes ) I am very proud of my own brand of diversity.

2 ) I am an unrepentant sugar baby/Kept woman. I provide pleasure and I am taken care of. No apologies here.

3) I am a writer (who is soo in need of a great editor) and actor. I have done both since I was a kid. I used to work in the Horror/mystery genre until I discovered a talent for erotica which I love, LOVE writing. (Thank you to my "Prince" )

4) I work out daily with a regular weekly routine of 700 pushups and arm curls with weights..70 miles of biking and running too. I love to dance and believe without music I'd perish swiftly.

5) I collect some toys..mostly dolls. I now have way to many..the same with lingerie, corsets, makeup, perfume and purses..wayyyy to many.

6) I love to Travel and we usually spend time in Southern California and Las Vegas.

7) Most folks see me as Strawberry Shortcake Princess Kitten type. I see myself as just me. I am loyal and can be counted on in emergencies to stand with the ones who need me the most. I may look like a sex kitten/toy doll but I have a core of steel where those I love are concerned. I am also Five feet 1 inch tall..hence the little, wicked wee part of how they see me. Yes, it has been said my chest has a tendency to enter a room 30 mins before the rest of me.

8) I have been told by some friends here( adult site ) that I am to nice, sweet, kind and complimentary to others. I see it as being Me..I want to make people feel good and smile..and well, screw it folks, I am damm good at it. I believe in what I say and I believe in compliments and praise. You only get once chance to get it right and make someones day better..take that chance. The reward will be Great Karma for life.

9) I love to bake desserts and love cooking shows. I am quite a foodie but do not have expensive taste in foods. I also do not drink much except for my one drink a year limit when I am in Las Vegas and dancing on table tops. I have no need for drugs..Life; happiness and pleasing a man can be my drug. I LOVE to please men and make the beautiful women I am lucky enough to know smile, laugh and feel great !!

10) I have my Sugar Daddy and one other man has claims on me..Prince Charming. He knows who he is.( and he will NEVER read this..LOL..I have no fear on that score. Somehow he loves my erotica but is not a fan of my blogging. I wonder why ..LOL..WINK )

C'est Moi mi amors...

Au revoir my darlings,



PS: Wanna share 10 things with me that I don't know about you ? Feel free to share my angels..