Thursday, June 20, 2013

I was the One who.....& Fake friends, flu and Screw it I am awesome...LOL :)

Hello Darling Readers,

Just saw this in my Facebook newsfeed and thought, "Wow..that is everything you did for the Fake Not so Charming one." I just had to share it . Been doing a lot of work trying to help out the site he works for. NOT for him dear ones but for all the wonderful and REAL friends I have made who work there or are members there. For them I am staying the course and trying to help where I can. I gave my word and I am bound and determined to keep it because my friends , the REAL ones are worth it.

I've just come through a week of the worst flu bug ever. I pray none of you catch it as it is really horrible. I thought I'd land in the ER when the 3rd day of fever finally broke. Thank you to all the loving friends who came forward with advice and support. It truly meant a lot to me.

Just as I was in the first initial stages of the illness I had been working on connecting with some people, former employee's of the site to ask them their advice on fixing certain issues on site with the company. I have met with several wonderful folks who seemed glad to give of their time and share their ideas and opinions. I was lucky to run into these amazing people. Then suddenly without warning or even asking me a simple question which would have been the adult intelligent thing to do, the former employee's vanished off the face of the Earth. (YES, I know WHO said what to them and I know exactly what lies they told) So, this next jpeg photo is for them..I actually was put on Earth to entertain folks..That is what I do. I am an actor/writer and yes, I am damm good at it. Just a reminder dear friends and readers do not sit back and worry if folks do not like you because of someone's lies..Just be YOU , the Best YOU that you can be and do no harm to other living things..REAL friends will love you no matter what and as for the rest..YOU do not need them in your world or life....Karma will take care of the rest for you. :)

..and one final word...Yes R the photo at the top is everything I did for you once...To bad your memory is so faulty that you forget the real friend you had in Me.

Happy Thurs Hugs & Kisses,