Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bitch Please : UnFriend...Delete..Block Me..My level of care is about -Zero :)

Good Morning Faithful Readers..

This one is not a rant (LOL) nor is it meant for anyone who once was a friend of mine..This is just because these memes made me laugh. I actually love the idea that one of my FB "friends" just sits on my FB to watch and read about my life/happiness as she prays for my sadness. I love that she spreads lies and attacks my character to make herself and her own sad life feel better. I allow her to remain there because "numbers" are so important to her that she keeps someone she hates as much as she hates me on her list of so called "friends."

Once again the "Wifey" has struck and more people are getting hurt again. I thought perhaps Prince Not So Charming had turned her evil and now I wonder if she in fact is the one that infected him with the evil he dispenses so easily ? PLEASE keep telling everyone your lies about me as all you are doing is giving me tons of free publicity for my book about the whole mess The "Prince" created with his lies. Thank you for making me invisible but then you send your "friends" to check on me and my posts. Thank you for making me laugh and shake my head. Sooo Jr High school M'am. Please keep asking all your "Girlfriends" to block someone they've never met or interacted with because I dared to Like a photo a friend of mine was in and your "pal" was hovering in the backround. Maybe if you concentrated on your own life instead of mine and my friends then your life would not be the nightmare it is.

Happy Tues Darlings...Enjoy your Week ...and Happy Un friending..Blocking..Un Blocking.. Friending and Deleting...Oh yes and Happy Tues to all my San Francisco, California  Fans...I know how you all rush to read my posts..I think you are my BIGGEST fans of all :)