Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Dollhouse is Haunted by Memories

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome to 2013...Been awhile since I've posted. Lots of changes and things going on to talk about at length and when I have time to sit down and really type it all out and share I will.

I saw this funny card land in my news feed at another site and thought, "OH HELLS  yeah, that card belongs here." After all this is the Haunted Dollhouse no doubt.

The Prince and I were back to actually speaking,sharing and emailing. I  am surprised too, as he threw me away back in Aug 2012..Then proceeded to email me again so we could "salvage our friendship" far so good...and the emails kept flowing. Now he has gone silent again and no idea why..All I can do is what I've always done, leave the door open and the light on. I think we will always be a part of each others life because there is caring and affection plus we share way to many friends in common. A 7 year history is hard to walk away from on both sides it seems.. unless he has finally done that.

The other "Other" site has gone through some big changes and weathered some huge issues and glitches to get there. I thank my "Boss" publicly as he came back to the company he founded and lent a hand on fixing pages and solving problems. I will not give up the hope that one day he will be sitting in the Big Chair once more and the site can truly be what he and some of Us hope it can be. A real social networking site where real people are members and no more fakes, trolls, scammers, escorts, bots or fake pix. Just be real. Wouldn't that be something indeed ? We won't give up and I hope the members we care about won't give up on all of Us either.

My photo site appears to be safe for the moment from the ravings of a woman who wanted to bring it down. So far so good seems the photos I shared are making folks smile and feel happy..The photos are then shared with others to make their day a happier one. I have even made some friends from that site who have introduced me to some amazing artists I had never heard of and I love ART !! One of the artists asked me for a photo of myself so he could do a portrait based on me..I am so flattered and honoured he would think to ask that of me. :)

I need to sit down and get back to my own erotic writing. It has been to long. I know the Prince was never happy I was writing of adventures we shared but I am a writer who needs to write and share what is in my heart and my passion. My Sugar Daddy has been very proud of my work though he has never read it and never will..I am grateful he indulges me and my wants/needs. I am one lucky Sugar Baby :)

XXOO Until Next time my Darlings, Happy Weekend,