Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Please Help Save Holly Street San Carlos, California

Hello my Faithful Readers,

I hope this finds you well and happy. I asked Priya about the petitions I have had on my blog for yrs and noticed that some of you wonderful people did sign for the good people of Holly St. (Many Thanks for doing so ) I have not seen any recent signatures and asked Priya about it and she asked me to keep promoting the petitions and let folks know the situation is even worse. Recently a Nanny was returning to the house she works in with a young infant in her care when a car came racing off  El Camino and onto Holly Street and lost control of his car and narrowly missed hitting the Nanny and the child in her care when his car drove across the front lawn of the home. He then got back into his car and raced away. Just think of what might have happened. Thanks to Rita, Priya and others for working so hard to protect the People of San Carlos and Holly Street.

With all the new developments that the city council of San Carlos has signed off on this has increased the danger for the residents of Holly Street. The City Council needs to be reminded that the rights and lives of the citizens of San Carlos must always come before the big hotels, transit hubs and hospitals.

Please sign and if you can share this post and links .

Thank you,