Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Life is what our thoughts make of it

Hello Dear Readers,

Just today I had to change my blog settings..I thought I could keep this an open blog but now since I've been unfairly accused of something to keep my privacy, I had to change my settings on the blog to closed to only my fellow bloggers..

I have not done the things someone else accused me of doing. I was not asked if it had happened I was told it happened and to not do it again by someone I trusted. I had to talk to someone else I trusted to make sure if they were the person passing along info they needed to know someone is lying to them and about them too. Now this friend of mine is angry and hurt..and oh yes, crying too. Congrats Monster who sought to hurt me among others..Your lies made someone who trusted you cry too. Bet you didn't think that would happen did you ? Long weekend of no fun. Have I finally stopped you and your lies about me ? I doubt it. With my luck you are a fellow blogger here too..My own family came to view my blog and now I have to close it to stop anymore lies from spreading. They might think it was because of them.

I do not dislike easily or even hate..but now..I am raging. How dare you violate my life and privacy with your lies and gossip ? How dare you Monster..

My one saving grace is that people who believed in you now know you for the liar you are. I was told quite awhile ago by someone I trusted that you are a liar and to not believe a single word you say..You messed with the wrong Bitch this time. Karma will come to those who do evil as well as those who do good.

Sorry folks..Had to say it..


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to MOI :) Mexican food, boobs and donuts..LOL.

Hello Darling Readers,

Well April 18th 2012 has come and gone..My Birthday. It was a wonderful day which I spent laughing and having a delightful time for the whole 24 hrs. Everyone should have such a day.

The flowers are sent via online from my sis in the UK..Loved them..Put them everywhere today. LOL. Yeah that is how this Princess rocks and rolls.

I woke up..Fed my kitties..Hungry demanding devils..way to much like me..LOL..Did a full power workout and felt awesome..Grabbed a hot shower..which is a normal shower until I get into it and it becomes HOTTT..(LOL) Then the Sexy Kitten makeup goes on..check..did that...add tight pants and my slutty top which is slit from neck to belly button.check got that ;) Hot pink Birthday bra and voila..Baby is ready to rock..I wrote my emails and chatted with a close pal Kat..we shared some good laughs..Prince Charming sent me offline msgs before I logged in to let me know he was thinking of me. (xoxo and thanks babe) Then Sugar Daddy came into the pc room at our house..He took one look at me and eyes went straight to the cleavage he could not miss..and blushed, giggled like a teenage boy and said "Boobies"..then he saw the rest of me and said "Wow".

Sugar Daddy took me to a meal at my very favourite Mexican eatery..delish and packed today of all days. As we drove there a white truck passed us and the passenger leaned out of his window to take a look at me or as much of me as he could see..Could he see boobage from there ? Maybe so. LOL..Hope he enjoyed it..By his smile I think he did. After our meal as we exited the place 3 men sitting at a nearby table all gave me that "look". Made me feel good to make people feel something special on my special day.

Went shopping for the infamous black and white and hard to find Frankie Stein from the Monster High doll collection..No luck sadly. Bought some stuff for kitties at Target and ran by Toys R us and Kmart in hopes for the doll..( time) Finished up the night at an amazing place called Chucks Donuts..(Yum yum good..too good..) I had to have one for my bday and the kitties love donuts so shared with my girls.

Came home to install new memory in our pc and now it works even faster and I love it as it is so quiet now..Thanks Mike for being by your phone and knowing I'd need you to talk me through some of it. XOXO.

Welcome to my Birthday...Great fun..Great food..Great Cleavage..(LOL) Happy day all 24 hours of it.

Huggs and Kisses,

C'est Moi,