Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am too Sexual it seems..How is that even possible ? I am a Sugar Baby..That is what I do..what I am

Welcome to June 2014 My Darling Readers...

Wow..what a yr it has been for me indeed. Sadly in April I lost my daughter/cat , Bows..and on my Birthday no less. Before that we lost Sugar Daddy's dog, Scooter. I kept thinking..Ok, it can't get much worse right ? I mean I am a firm believer in God does not give you more then you can handle..ummm , somewhere I missed the memo on exactly what I am capable of handling all at once.

This year..3 different women, no connection to one another it seems..all accused me in various ways of sleeping with their "men" or wanting to. Ok, I get it, as a Sugar Baby I am an easy Target...but me ? ME ??

The first case was a lovely teen girl from Canada and she is adorable, sweet, kind and pretty too. She saw my posts on a friend of mine's page on Facebook. She saw her Boyfriend reply to me and he was joking or so I thought about getting together with me. (Me=USA Him=Canada) I thought nothing of it until she contacted me the next day and asked me to Please not message or become friends with her boyfriend.  We began messaging daily , private messages and we became friends. I said I would love to add her to my FB friend list but how to do that without her BF wondering..she said "Let's do it anyway." I do not think he even noticed I was there. :)

Case # 2 was just weird and left a very bad taste in my mouth...I know some folks from the "other" site we are working to save. A talented friend of mine, a fabulous singer and #MyForeverFriend and I were on her Facebook page messaging back and forth and I noticed this man replying to us..then moments later he and I end up messaging and Linking In ..I think he is just funny, smart and a nice guy. Honest to a fault if you will. He asks me about myself, I told him how I've been working towards helping save the site where my friends work and he used to work. Everything is fine..or so I think. Remember a few blog posts back when I said I asked a former employee some advice on how to set up a FB page for employees/members because she quit our site and now works at FB..well  she was so sweeeeeeeet to me, rushed to add me to her fb friend list..She gave me great advice and after I accepted her she deleted me, blocked me and vanished ? Well she unblocked me so she could see my posts and such..she and this nice guy along with a large group of his male buddies were all commenting on something he posted on fb..I said something along the lines of "well said Sir." He came back with something funny and I added LOL. This woman came onto the thread and asked me if we'd ever met . I said Not yet, he did too. I was worried as I could sense something was way "off" in this person. I sent her a pvt msg thanking her for her great advice which helped Luis and I set up the Online dating page at FB. I said I was sorry she deleted me but was grateful for her help. I receive a message back that slams me for being me. I am told I am to nice and to friendly and that is bad, dangerous if you will. She told me that I do not understand social boundaries. (WTF ?? is what I thought.) I did not get my truth until later when the man and my friend talked about the problem..turns out, without me knowing, this girl has the hotttts for the guy and was trying to cyber him into a relationship and there I go, pushing my way into a post with the words "well said Sir." How dare any woman talk to him when she is trying to woo him into bed ? My bad..I did not understand her version of social boundaries is "do not talk to men I am trying to have sex with."

Case # 3 is the one that bothered me the most..Once more involving a former employee from our site. I accepted him on my Linked In and all was good..Then exactly like above, I was commenting on #MyForeverFriend's FB page and see him commenting too..then suddenly a friend invite comes up from him..I asked my friend, "I think I recognize the he ok ?" She said yes. I checked my Linked In and there he was..So knowing my friend is a great judge of character I accept him on Fb. Fast fwd to April 1 and he posts a sad post on how sick he is and rushing to the hospital. (Yes darlings, I know what day April 1st is but all , and I do mean ALL of his male friends are posting support messages..) I add my prayers to the support page and minutes later he posts "April fools bitches." His friends did not think that was funny. Neither did I. I sent him a pvt msg about apologizing to his friends since one of them posted that if this happened next yr he'd get unfriended.. I said he deserved a spanking for upsetting his friends..he just laughed and posted "Giddy yup" to me. Later his Girlfriend he lives with sees these pvt msgs , goes to him for an explanation and it ends up in a battle royale/arguement. Yes, you guessed it, she sought me out on Linked In and Fb to ask me how long he and I had been sleeping together..(another wtf moment) I spent most of that night comforting her (really sweet lady) and trying to find out if he is ok. That night turned into a long week of daily messaging with her and him..then he asks me to call him and I do..then he wants to talk every night. I give him the best advice I can. I told her the truth. I did not sleep with your man nor do I want to. She believes me and he keeps telling me how Great a friend I am, how loyal and how much he counts on me. I told him to do what is best for himself and her. Told her not to throw away a loving relationship of 4+ yrs. Then I open my email one day and the message from him reads that he is deleting me from his FB because I am merely a reminder of that night /fight. (so much for being the one friend he could count on and trust, huh ?) He says I can remain on his Linked In and email him. (my, how generous of him) I wrote back wishing them both happiness and to take care of himself. Then later that night he exits my Linked In and deletes me.  Never saw or heard from him again. The Girlfriend ? She and I sent some messages back and forth as I wanted to know if she was doing ok and she and her kids/grandbaby are just fine. :) Thank goodness for that.

This is where it goes into the Twilight Zone Time. I told a close buddy of mine all about this...3 women in 4 months all accusing me of chasing, or would be chasing or having sex with their man..I thought he'd laugh his head off..Little Me being accused of this and he did not. (I told Prince Charming about it too but he never replied to that email or any others it seems. If you see this Prince, hope the check mess got cleared up.) He told me I am to sexual and need to tone it wayyyy down. I was shocked..I told him I never flirted with , met or talked dirty to any of these men nor would I..he said YOU are just to sexual..your voice, everything..You make men uncomfortable..(This coming from a man who wrote a comic book filled with rape/sexual situations and who read my erotica but never told me what he thought of it.) I cried about this and told my Sugar Daddy who became upset..(Sugar D told me once that my job was "Sit still, smile and look pretty." ) He said to me that was not true, do not change who I am or how I talk.  That some men can handle what I am and how I look/speak and some can't. Now, surviving these 3 accusations..and now the loss of the friendship I had with the man because sadly, we are not as close as we once were. I am a sexual person because I was trained to serve and provide do as Sugar says, "Sit still, smile and look pretty."

ALL I can be is me..that is it. My job is to please the man who takes care of me and myself. I know I am not the Little Innocent Princess that most folks see me as but I also know I am not guilty of being this man eating tramp who was out to steal men from their girlfriends or from the woman hunting for a man to be nice to her. I wish them all peace and happiness as I wish for everyone.

If I'm  too sexual then so be it...I am Me..hear me roar..Take me or leave me..I am still going to be just the best version of me I can be.



PS: Added a correction in spelling and these last 2 pix. :)