Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HOTTTT New Dolls Find their way into my Haunted Dollhouse World..Come peek :)

Hello My Faithful Readers,

I hope your summer has been an awesome one so far. A Lot of changes going on around me and kept meaning to come back and share pix here and to post. Taa Daaa, I have come by to update on my life and the dolls too.

The dolls above were found within days of each other Deuce Gorgon (Boy doll on right) was found $12.99 at Target and the girl doll on the left, Venus was found today at Wal Mart $13.97. Both are rare and hard to find..I had pretty much given up hope on finding Deuce but there he was when I went to Target at 6 pm, right on the peg..Only 1 there. Venus was in the Wal Mart MH doll aisle, left under some other older if she might have been an after thought, hidden by someone or employee tossed her there unaware of her value. We also found this nice display for the new "13 Wishes" series of Monster High dolls. You can see the new dolls Gigi and Twyla in this display. They are $19.99 each.

I really like the look of some of the new dolls. I do not get them all, or I should say my Sugar Daddy does not buy them all..Just the ones I most want. He knew how much I wanted Deuce and tonight he reminded me that I did not have a Venus doll. I think she is stunning and love her hair.

Life in my Haunted Dollhouse has been going fairly well recently. After June with the horrible fever/flu and then damaging a disc in my back, July had to be better and it was..along with Aug so far. Some of you might not know that this month is not a good month for me. I have lost people I loved in this month..I idolized Marilyn Monroe (as did my Mom) and she was lost Aug 5th..I adored Sharon Tate and she was lost Aug 9th..Then my Mom passed away Aug 11th and my best friend Alex followed on Aug 23rd. Relatives and loved ones have birthdays and anniversaries in Aug so that is the only thing that keeps me from hating this month or thinking it must be cursed.

I am still working on "other" site activity and enjoying the feedback my latest proposals have received. Right now we are working on the official AFF page site for Facebook and on ideas to increase female membership on the site. Men and women have been sending me some really great ideas for which I shall always be grateful. I am watching the stock price closely and collecting all ideas we can and putting them into a report to the Boss. Things are looking up my darlings, they truly are. I have always believed in the employee's there and the members who are working together so hard to help make the site the success it deserves to be.

It has been one year now since Prince Charming walked away from me..then came back to talk to me and send emails..He stopped suddenly in March 2013 only to resume the emails at the end of July 2013. I know we are destined to be a part of each others lives always. We have come to far, gone through to much to just say Goodbye forever. I am happy we can talk and there is no sadness, anger or guilt. I have missed that part of him and his heart the most..The Friendship part.

I have been busy so I have sadly neglected to work on my own writing. I have erotic tales burning up inside of me, begging for me to find the time to write down the memory of our encounters..I promise you my angels, there is time and they are going to be worth the wait.

Happy HUMP Day/WED and Enjoy my new Dolls as much as I will. The last photo is of the new Powerghoul doll only available at Target, Tori the villain known as Catastrophe.