Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deja Vu: Naughty Knickers, Naughty Book and Mexican Food ...March 2014 edition

Hello Darlings and Welcome to 2014..(Yeah yeah, I can hear ya, it is March already and NOW you are wishing a Happy welcome ?? LOL )

Sorry darlings, real world issues caught up with me..Isp failure , sick dog..I was sick with a never ending cough..but now, I can concentrate on my writing once more. I am set for Tale # 6 of my adventures on an "adult" website and happy to share the news that the adult site is doing GREAT and we have the man who created the site back at the helm of the ship and things are looking good. We have lost some irreplaceable employees who I hope one day, might rejoin us in a management position. (Fingers crossed for this.)

Now on to the title of this blog...For those of you who know me well..You know I write erotica, that I am a Sugar Baby and Love naughty knickers..Something about what I just typed has me laughing outloud. A year or 2 ago , Sugar took me out shopping and splurged on some sexy lingerie, then we found some erotic books and finished the night with Mexican food.

Deja Vu for me on Fri night..The night before we went shopping and Sugar bought me this little number..In purple..(showing 2 pix, the pink I am sharing so you can see the back side of it.) I love it..very sexy and uber comfortable.

 Friday we decided to go shopping and I found a pair of skorts that I loveeee and in my colour, Pink.. Fab price and fit like a second skin.

They are by the Tranquility Brand of Yoga/exercise gear. Really well made and as I said very comfortable on. I was walking around the book section (or sextion..LOL ) and came across a racy little book of erotica and of course I had to grab it.. C 'mon darlings, ya'll know me by now. I love to see what my fellow writers are coming up with. Some of the BDSM (My genre of choice) is quite different. I wonder how many of those writers have lived the lifestyle ?

Sugar Daddy wanted to check out our local Frys so off we went. (For those that do not know it is a HUGE electronic store that sells everything even dolls !!) I searched in vain for these dolls as they are on my list. Sugar surprised me with Torelei Power Ghoul..Thrilled to get her. These 2 Boy dolls, as they are called, are "Slo MO" the zombie and "InvisiBilly" the son of the Invisble Man.

Going to this Frys is always an adventure for me. Something about me seems to attract the wildest of men..One recent visit, I was walking behind Sugar and a salesman, and a good looking man came running through the aisle, I am betting he was store security, I saw him running in my direction, I stepped as far out of his way as possible without climbing onto a shelf..and yep, you guessed it, as he dashed towards me, moving into my path, he groped me on his way out the door. One of my famous boobs and his hand just could not resist. Frys is, as I said, quite an adventure. Love the store tho, they even sell porn. Dolls, great snack bar, books, appliances, pc stuff and porn..a solid win :)

We finished up the night at Baja Fresh and was quite delicious. I always order the kids meal as that is the perfect size meal for moi. Naughty knickers, hot skort in pink, erotic novel , Frys (Not groped this time tho the employees do follow me around a lot..LOL ) and Mexican food..No better way to end the night then to have some Mexican in my Mouth. ;)

Happy March Darlings...and keep your spirits High, your knickers down and naughty,