Sunday, December 6, 2015

Merry Christmas For This Sugar Baby # 2015 !! Life IS Wonderful without LIARS In It :)

Merry Christmas ,

Hello to all my Faithful readers. I hope you all are having a great Holiday season so far. #2015 is not a year I think any of us will want to remember so I am already predicting #2016 will be better for everyone. Just ordered the Dress above in  half a dozen colours :) Merry Christmas to Me :)

Special Shout Out to my San Francisco & San Carlos readers !! You folks sure are loyal to me and this blog and even my Twitter account. I promised you a copy of my book on how the Prince Charming erotica came to be written. After all as the hashtag says : #YouKnowRicky. LOL.

Thanks to said #Ricky for feeling the urge to suddenly join Facebook. I saw your name there for weeks on my page and ignored it..No friend invite, no messages..Nada. You made sure or were ordered to block me from noticing you on FB. That totally made us all laugh..and oh yeah,We made sure to warn your other victims so they could block you too.Funny thing is you once told me on one of those hot and heavy phone sessions that you could not risk going on social media as all the people you hurt and wronged when you did those "Very Bad, Bad things, Maureen...But I never meant to hurt anyone." (Your infamous excuse for everything ) Now you suddenly join a site you told me you hated and feared. Guess it was difficult to stalk Miss CC and view her photos with the new way FB allows folks to view their pages ONLY if you are a member. Yeah being subtle was never your Forte.

#2016 is looking better every second as we wait for that Ball to drop. No more sadness,no more fake friends and Psychopaths & their idiotic "wifey" running their mouths off about me. #ThanksForMakingMeSoFamous #NoOneBelievesThem..#AllForOneAndOneForAll. At least in our fitness community we truly do believe in what Zumba & Pon De Flo stand for. Light, Health,Happiness, Unity, Strength,Togetherness. Sharing only truth and Positive Goals. #NoRoomForLiars.

I hope all my Faithful readers, fans, followers, friends and family enjoy the Best Holiday season and here's to a Brighter and Happier #2016.

Have Fun & XXOO,


Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Prince Charming & The Erotica that started it all :)

Hello Dear Readers,

Happy Halloween Month to one and all. Now we enter my Favourite seasons..Fall & Winter. It is also the Birthday of the infamous "Prince Charming."  We have spent the last 5 yrs of Birthdays together..Seems sad and strange that this is the first year we won't be talking about his Birthday or what he wants for it..(usually something off Ebay, something oral or news about the Great "Love" of his life Miss CC.) I took a trip down memory lane and looked at the # 586 instant message conversations we shared & 200-300 emails over Our 10 Year "relationship." I forgave him for the lies/abuse and even for treating Me like a pinata because he is stuck with a woman he loathes and that he can not have the "Miss CC" he has been obsessed with since Mid 2000's. All of this will make for one hell of a book . How it all began...Valentine's Day 2011 . The 10 yrs of relying on him to do the right thing on the job at my friend's website..The mess he created with a lawsuit against the city he lives in..Happy Birthday Ricky..hope # 41  is better for you and that you finally learn that hurting folks who cared about you is not the way to go through life. I am looking at a movie treatment for this "tale" and trying to think who we can cast as Him.I already have the theme song and a musician ready to record it :)  I thank him for bringing so many wonderful people into my life, the erotic tales..He owes me a thank you too though I shall never receive it.. for introducing him to Zumba and Yoga pants..he used what I said to convince the woman he lives with to try it so she'd be out of the house and out of his way so he can date others. Hope all my Fans enjoy this and it brings back happy memories for Ricky and all my fans in San Francisco. YOU really LOVE my Blog. Such loyalty should always be rewarded and praised/thanked. #ThankYouSFFans

For the first time I'd like to share the tale that is known world wide as the "Prince Charming Erotica." I hope you will enjoy it..Some of you may know it from the multiple sites it has appeared on. Some of You may have read it already. Hope you will all enjoy this tale of erotica and our adventures at an adult dating site. I loved every moment of sharing our memories with my readers and I will never forget how Ricardo aka "Ricky" loved this tale and told me how hard the tale of our memories made him. I'd like to think he'd be happy to know that more of our adventures are coming and new adventures with some amazing men will also be published. My life changed because of you Ricardo and my life will continue without you being a part of it.

Always..Always..Always...1 year or 1 thousand..



"Our First Time"

It all started with the website. She is the all around "good girl" member with a lot of friends in need. When trouble or problems broke out it was "Just call A" and she would rush to fix whatever was wrong. That is how she met Him. He worked for the site and was always available whenever she called and took the time to sort the problem out or fix the issue directly.

She had become friends with alot of the men and women from the famous sexy site but none of the men ever got through to her heart..Until now..

It was HIM..Something about the way he spoke to her. The way he seemed to listen and remember. The day he told her there was nothing he wouldn't do for her was all it took..she had been on the edge of her bed when he said it and that took her right off her feet. It was than she knew ..She wanted him no matter what.

The day she called him to tell him that a woman they had discussed from a silly reality show had started singing ...she had just left the shower when she heard it so she grabbed the phone to call him..It was than he knew..He wanted her and now he knew she wanted him too. No matter what, he would possess and own her. She was the perfect sub and he was determined to be her Master in every sense of the word. From her first phone call to him he knew he had to have that voice whispering in his ear as he pushed himself inside of her. He dreamed of fucking her in every possible way. In ways he had never done with any woman. This woman was going to be his for the taking.

They talked for weeks..sharing fantasies and themselves. He told her he was overwhelmed with work and was spending many late nights alone at the office with the stacks of contracts that needed to be written.

"Now or Never" she thought..."Can I be this bold ?" He had asked for photos of her and she had shared. She knew what he wanted so she took her time that day getting dressed..It had to match his fantasy. She felt she owed him that much. White lace bra, deeply plunging of course. Matching white lace panties, stockings and garter belt..with a coat to top it off. Tossing in some fun toys in her bag along with a wrap around dress to change into later. (hey a girl never knows what might come next..)

She got into the car and drove to the offices located only a mere 6 miles away from her place. How convienant she thought. I can bring him back home to shower with me as he always wanted to do. "When am I going to be in that shower with you ?" he always asked her. "I want to be see you undress in front of me" he sighed.

She parked the car and began the walk to the Sexy Site office building. She smiled as she saw some men look at her in passing. Perhaps this is my lucky night she thought. More people left the building as she walked. Her stilleto heels making cute little tap tap sounds on the floor. The security guard smiled at her as she gave him her name and who she was here to see. She held up a basket that contained a meal for her hardworking man. The guard smiled and told her where to go to find him.

That is one lucky SOB the Guard thought. I wished I had a woman who looked like that and wanted to bring me food.

Her heart pounded as she walked slowly towards where his cubicle was located. She could hear him on the phone saying "Don't wait. I am going to be late" and than he hung up the phone and she stopped when she heard him murmur her name and sigh. She wondered if he could hear the beating of her heart.

She walked towards him and slowly set the basket on the floor . He did not hear her yet she realized as she set her purse down. Than she began to unbutton the coat with her hands shaking in excitement.

He lifted his eyes off the computer screen. He heard something and than turned..

"Mi Amor, I am here.." she whispered.

"You came" he sat there, his own heart racing in time with hers.

"MMM, several times on my way here just thinking about you" She let the coat drop and blushed as she watched his reaction to her lingerie.

"Come here" he said huskily. . She could see he was having a hard time controlling his voice and from what she could tell, he was already aroused.

"My pleasure"..

She walked over to the chair he sat in and he smiled taking in all of her..Her hair, her eyes that he had smiled at in photos..the breasts with the nipples hardening as he stared at them. The little lacy panties already wet for him he guessed as she slowly straddled the chair and spread her legs for him. He had promised her once..on one of those fantastic phone calls, "I will spank your ass as you ride me as I suck on your breasts"..and now it was time for him to keep that promise. He was more than willing..he was hard. He was ready.

He couldn't believe his luck..if not for the bizarro world friend of hers who caused all those problems, than she would never have phoned his department. He gripped her by the hair and she laughed.."Slowly Mi Amor..slowly" She put her hand between her legs to feel his cock swelling against his pants..She smiled and leaned down to brush her cheek against his. She moved her hand towards his shirt and began unbuttoning his shirt..she sighed when she touched skin and leaned forward to nip at his nipple..He moaned as her lips touched his flesh. She moved up to his neck and began gently nuzzling him and murmuring to him..

"You are as perfect as I said you were" she whispered.."so soo beautiful". Her mouth began to move towards his cheek and than closer to his open mouth. Their eyes met..."I waited so long to find you ..Master"

He smiled..She knew her place in his world and was happy to be in it. "More" he said.."I want more"

She laughed and said, "There is so much more to come"..She brought her mouth to his lips and gently kissed him slowly and as their passion rose he pulled her closer to him and slid his tongue into her willing mouth.

THIS is how it is supposed to feel she thought...This is what they write about in romance novels. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once..His cock pulsated against her wetness..she loved the feeling of his lips as they sought out her pale pink nipples, hardening in his mouth and to his bite..He struggled to contain himself but he could not stop..he bit her on her neck which he remembered her telling him how much it aroused her. She rewarded him with a moan to match his own.

"We need to move this to somewhere more...." He slowly rose and held her against his body, "Comfortable."

"MMM sounds good to me" she said with a laugh.

He carried her to the nearby conference room.Earlier in the day the sight of a mass employee meeting and now empty of anyone but the two of them. He kicked the door shut behind him and walked to the couch. He let her stand and he sat down with a wicked grin he looked at her and ordered her to her knees.

With a happy blush she did as she was told to do. He grabbed her long hair and drew her closer to him.."Undress me"..With her gentle hands she helped him off with his pants as he removed his shirt..she tugged the underwear off him slowly..revealing his throbbing cock . He kicked his own shoes off and she took the socks and set them down reveling in the beauty of what was to come.

"Now meet your Master..deeply...I want to go all the way in" He said.

She nodded as he pulled her hair and she opened her mouth to take him inside of her..His cock pulsated in her mouth and she found her own hand between her wet thighs as she caressed herself in time with her movements around his cock.

"ALL the way Slave" he said.

"MMM" she murmured and with her free hand she caressed his balls..She licked his thick shaft and covered it in kisses and moved onto his balls...She covered him in her own juices ..She took him into her mouth as deeply as she could as she knew how much he liked it..He loved to go all the way inside a woman..either by throat or pussy..all the way in was his mantra. "I know it can go deeper" he told her once on the phone..and she felt he was the kind of man who would not settle for anything less than that.

"Now it is your time Miss" he said as she sat back on her knees.."UP on the couch"..She found herself kneeling on the couch, she removed her lacy white bra and let it fall to the floor as he moved to go behind her. The first slap on her ass sounded so loud she was surprised it didn't bring in the security guard from downstairs. "You like it rough don't you ?" he asked her.."YOU like it bad girl ?" he spanked her again and again...

"Yes" she gasped as she reeled from the pleasure that pain brought to her.."Moree pleaseeee" she said.He was happy to do so. Ripping her wet panties from her he slid his fingers inside of her and laughed.."Someone is very very wet"...he lowered his mouth and lightly bit her on her ass..than moving his fingers he slid his tongue inside of her..rolling his tongue like the sexpert he was he once told her.."I am very good at this"..He was not exaggerating.

"Oh God...pleasee Master" she said between gasps of pleasure ..

"Beg me for it"...

"F...Fuck me pleaseee"...she struggled to move but he held her firmly in place..."Pleasee Master..Fuck me please"...She felt him move as he forced her onto her back...Their eyes met..

"Pleaseeee" she wet, so willing so many weeks and months she had waited for this moment to come...

"With pleasure" he said as he slid his cock inside of wet,..all for him..she moaned as he went in as deep as he could go than pushed even harder.."You like it like this don't you my little like this" She rocked her hips in time to his thrusts..she begged him not to stop..

"I...Love this" she panted..and she did. He owned her now as surely as if he had bought her. I am not in control. I like the feeling of someone owning me. He moved his head down to her breasts and smiled at the sight of them. His lips brushed her nipples and his teeth bit them so they became even harder until she felt they might explode.

'WHO is in charge of this game ?" he demanded from her as he continued thrusting inside her...

"YOU are..My Master" she said..

"Don't you ever forget it " he told her.. "Make me come my little whore..Make me CUM" he yelled...He felt as if they could go on for hours...and days..never stop...he imagined them in her shower and her bed..all the things she promised to show him and do...He felt he knew what happiness was for the first time in his life..I control her..I own her..

"I won't Master..I "..her words were lost as she came over and over again. He has promised her he always made sure the women he was pleasing came first. Wave after wave hit her as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the way every part of her felt as if it was on fire and his cock was the only thing that could save her. She felt his cock tighten inside her oh so wet pussy...he is going to ..

"I am ..." he got out the words just as his came so hard inside of her..over and over again throbbing to the very last moment and she was covered in his hot cum. Dripping both of their juices he slowly pulled out of her..."Now someone has to help me clean this up" he said..Pulling her to her feet he leaned in and kissed her..

Naked the two of them went to the bathroom, clutching their clothes like little kids afraid to get caught. He leaned against the sink as she knealed to wash his cock and balls with such tenderness it made him smile. She knows men are touchy right afterwards and she is being gentle. This was the bathroom he came to after one of their long phone conversations and had pleasured himself before going home. He called her on the way home to tell her how much she had aroused him.

He helped her dress and than as he had another hour or more of work to do, he walked her down to her car...There was no need for words or promises that might be broken. He owned her now and they both knew it. The guard smirked at them as they walked outside but neither of them cared.

He hugged her once more before letting her go..He kissed her deeply his tongue already at home in her mouth.

"Until next time " he told her..holding the door open for her to the car.."oh and one more thing.."

She looked up at him as he leaned down for one more hungry kiss..she felt herself getting wet all over again and enjoying the feeling of it. I am so easily aroused she thought with a smile.

"Yes Master ?" she asked.

"My cock is going to be in your mouth and pussy always" he told her .

"Oh God , I hope so" she said.

Both of them were determined to make that happen.


Copyright May 2011 Kindred Spirits Production Company.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bitch Please : UnFriend...Delete..Block Me..My level of care is about -Zero :)

Good Morning Faithful Readers..

This one is not a rant (LOL) nor is it meant for anyone who once was a friend of mine..This is just because these memes made me laugh. I actually love the idea that one of my FB "friends" just sits on my FB to watch and read about my life/happiness as she prays for my sadness. I love that she spreads lies and attacks my character to make herself and her own sad life feel better. I allow her to remain there because "numbers" are so important to her that she keeps someone she hates as much as she hates me on her list of so called "friends."

Once again the "Wifey" has struck and more people are getting hurt again. I thought perhaps Prince Not So Charming had turned her evil and now I wonder if she in fact is the one that infected him with the evil he dispenses so easily ? PLEASE keep telling everyone your lies about me as all you are doing is giving me tons of free publicity for my book about the whole mess The "Prince" created with his lies. Thank you for making me invisible but then you send your "friends" to check on me and my posts. Thank you for making me laugh and shake my head. Sooo Jr High school M'am. Please keep asking all your "Girlfriends" to block someone they've never met or interacted with because I dared to Like a photo a friend of mine was in and your "pal" was hovering in the backround. Maybe if you concentrated on your own life instead of mine and my friends then your life would not be the nightmare it is.

Happy Tues Darlings...Enjoy your Week ...and Happy Un friending..Blocking..Un Blocking.. Friending and Deleting...Oh yes and Happy Tues to all my San Francisco, California  Fans...I know how you all rush to read my posts..I think you are my BIGGEST fans of all :)



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The #Truth isn't dead..Not While I'm Around

Hello My Faithful Darling Readers,

I know it has been a long time since I updated this blog. I've been busy going through hundreds of emails, instant messages, interviewing other men and women survivors of the Fake Prince Prick as he come to be known. I am astounded at how many victims there are and how many grotesque lies have been told.

I keep thinking after the mess that the fake Prince landed us all in back in #2013-2014 that it could not get any worse ..Well, I was wrong about that too. . I kept defending the fake Prince to everyone. Even to the Police Detective that I had to tell the #ZumbaAssassin story too. I defended him to my fellow victims that he'd already harmed/hurt. "Oh NO, not my friend..He would not do that. YOU must be wrong." THEY were right and I was the one wearing rose coloured glasses while I viewed him. I am blessed/lucky in that none of my friends & subjects of my interviews never said the dreaded "I told you so" to Me.

I can still remember his phone call calling here pleading with me that "Wifey" (according to him not legally married to her just refers to her like that because he is stuck with her) could not have lied about had to be her Zumba Guy friend and his mess of a wife. (HIS words not mine) Aug 1st 5:59 PM he called from work since I was the "dirty little secret" friend of his he could not own up to. Like an idiot, I believed his lies and disregarded the advice of the Police detective who wanted to go to the San Francisco dept "wifey" works to let her boss not know what a city official is doing in her hours away from the city. I lost a friend I believed in and truly liked. I promoted her shows and sites because she pleaded with me to help her as she was so lost at online marketing.. I loved helping her and made her smile.

I backed up and away from some people and events that I really wanted to go to because The Fake Prince pleaded with me to NOT GO..The Horror..some one MIGHT SEE YOU..I sat and waited and waited for my friends to turn away but God was with Me and I only lost the one Zumba gal as a friend. ALL the others I talked to about this mess the Prince created..well they ALL  sided with me. Slowly but surely I began climbing the hill again..New Twitter followers..New Pinterest followers..New FB friends and Linked In Connections. Early this morning I posted on a thread involving a new exercise and noticed a gal that is friends with friends of mine..We share a lot of connections, things in common & love to dance too. I had received a msg from Facebook about her and it was on their add friend list. I thought "what the heck" and did so...around 7 am ish this am she accepted it :) I sent her a thank you note later in the day, wished her all the best as she just got married and she thanked me, we discussed working out/dance..she told me how nice/sweet I am and then we logged off, her to go workout and me too. I logged on hours later and found a lovely msg from her thanking me,saying we'd talk later and telling me how "super fun" I am. I went to reply to her and thank her once more for her faith in me/kindness and sharing her friendship with me..and below the beautiful message from this Lovely Lady are the infamous FB words ..

"You can not reply to this conversation."

Once more Unfriended..Once more Blocked..

They can take the 2 people I trusted enough to add them to my FB friend list away. (which I protect as my family,fans,loved ones are on it.) They can take  those people away but you can not take their kindness ( no matter how brief )  or their words away and lucky me, I save EVERYTHING.

Score another one for Prince Prick and His lies..There is a part of me that sits back and as all my friends say to me.."where is the evidence against you ?"  "You have tons of evidence against him. Do people just believe lies and liars now over the truth ?"

I just don't know..

As long as I'm around the #Truth will be told. I won't give up on folks I believe in and if I lose more friends because of Prince Prick and his lies..then so be it. Those nice former friends can stand in line when I am selling my book about what he has done and I'll even autograph it for them for free. :) Like this lyrics say..

"Not While I'm Around"

Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around
Nothing's gonna harm you, no sir, not while I'm around
Demons are prowling everywhere nowadays
I'll send them howling
I don't care, I got ways
No one's gonna hurt you,
No one's gonna dare
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there!
Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while,
But in time...
Nothing can harm you
Not while I'm around...
Being close and being clever
Ain't like being true
I don't need to,
I would never hide a thing from you,
Like some...
No one's gonna hurt you, no one's gonna dare
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there!
Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while
But in time...
Nothing can harm you
Not while I'm around

and these lyrics too :

"Children will Listen "

Careful the things you say,
Children will listen.
Careful the things you do,
Children will see and learn.
Children may not obey
But, children will listen.
Children will look to you
For which way to turn,
To learn what to be.
Careful before you say,
"Listen to me".
Children will listen.

Careful the wish you make,
Wishes are children.
Careful the path they take,
Wishes come true, not free.
Careful the spell you cast,
Not just on children.
Sometimes the spell may last
Past what you can see
And turn against you.
Careful the tale you tell,
That is the spell.
Children will listen.

Moving on to a Brighter Day..Leaving behind all the sadness and lies/betrayal.  Thank you to all the loyal and loving friends in my life. YOU are the true blessing.

Hugs & Kisses & Many Thanks,


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thank you so Much Karma..I owe you !!!

Hello One & All,

I've just come through the Best weekend ever :) There has been some major ups/downs in my life and now the Karma swing appears to be on the UP Side.

For several Years now I've been friends with a wonderful man who owns our Favourite dating site. I've pitched in for yrs over at the site. My friends work there and I have some wonderful friends among the millions of members. (both past and present.) Several years back my friend the Founder of the site and I sat down and discussed the future of the site. How to bring about change that will help members and employees alike. I have lost count of the time I devoted to the site..and friends of mine who have worked so hard to help members with time and advice. We did it because we cared and not because we hoped to gain something for ourselves but to try and create a happy, fun filled environment at the site where all members can enjoy themselves and have such a good time they'll keep coming back and convince their friends to join too.

Fast forward past the darkness of the Prince Not So Charming Scandal..and to the past week..I received a message from a gentleman in recruiting about considering a job with the site. For all these yrs I have said I am The Founders Intern/Cheerleader and happy to remain so. I did not need to be paid. I do not work for money. I am lucky in that respect. I followed up with a phone call and had the BEST interview I've ever had.
I really enjoyed it and the challenge. I had not asked for this job..I was asked if I wanted to consider it and become a part of this great website's team. I am so flattered and honoured. He told me how great I did at the interview and he seemed very impressed with me and my honesty. My name is moving forward in the interview process. I have owned my own businesses, worked for a bank and grocery/dept stores . At this point in my life I can afford to concentrate on my writing. I am blessed to have thousands of fans of my erotica.

That same night a friend of mine suggested I consider becoming a BeachBody fitness coach. I work out 4 times a day every day..I try to motivate my friends and people I meet so they can have and share positive healthy feelings with others. I love to see people smile/feel good and try to help folks feel better about themselves. I truly believe in helping others as I've been blessed. I act, I write, I volunteer. Paying it Forward is the code I live by. I truly think Karma turned around and swung in my direction for good.

Thank you to everyone for believing in me and my talent. (whichever talent of mine you like, many thanks.) Thank you for not giving up even when I almost did. Thank you to my thousands of fans,followers and friends. If the job does not pan out..well that is OK too. I will always be The Founders # 1 Intern/Cheerleader and #1 Fan of our site/employees. The honour of being asked to consider this position is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I will always be grateful and forever & always happy.

I owe you more then I can say. Thank you Karma.



Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tales Of The Prince Charming Scandal.."PS:Happy Valentine's Day Prince Rick"

Happy Valentine's Day ,

I saw that image on my boards and had to share it here. I do OWN everything that happened to me. I accept my guilt and responsibility for my own mistakes. My biggest mistake of course, being the Prince Not So Charming one. My sister and I were discussing the mess and she wondered how it had all begun. Thanks to Kim K dating Halle Berry's baby Daddy...and a female stalker who used to be a close/good friend..if not for them, this might not have happened at all. Sooo I guess I owe Kim K and Melo-Phon a Huge Thank you for leading me down this path.

It all started In Jan-Feb 2011...You can throw in Zumba workouts and his hatred for anything and everyone connected to it,identity theft, lies,fraud,theft, abuse, stalking, money problems, adultery,Bad credit, toenail fungus, STD testing which he refuses to do,  Tarot readings he had me do on Miss C (the woman he is in lust/love with and had been trying to leave his "wife" for the past 9 yrs to be with.The same woman who dislikes him intensely and has never had any feelings other then repulsion for him ).. and the so called "wifey" Irma-Ali ..adultery with male and female lovers, Police detectives, libel and slander..Truly does seems like a some kind of telenovela indeed. Throw in the Parents who told him that "wifey did not love him but was only with him for their money so she could  purchase a home." How in Hell did I end up in this giant mess ? I trusted a friend who I thought would never lie. I pleaded with him to go to counseling to figure out why his "wifey" was refusing to have sex with him in the way he wanted ( oral, anal, Breast play and three way ) but kept dating men/women behind his back. I suggested an open marriage might be the best for them.. I asked friends of mine who are lawyers to lend him a hand as he keeps taking the Bar Exam but can't pass it on his own ..yet he keeps telling co workers that the only reason "wifey" passed the Bar is because he either A) put on drag and took the test for her or  B) taught her all she knows and that his hard work made it possible for her to finally pass. I begged him to try and make an effort with "wifey's" son from a former relationship..To try and care about this young man..Nope He HATES the poor kid. I tried everything a friend would do to help the man who called me his "Best/Great Friend " and  nothing worked. Lesson Learned my friends..He seemed to be to good to be true or real..and he wasn't. Not by a long shot. You can only help those that really want to be helped. You can only be friends with people who tell the truth and really want to be your friend and not use you for what you can do for him or them.

Stay tuned or Tooned..there is more to come..Oh so much more..

Happy Valentine's Day,


PS: Editing to add this funny jpeg which found its way to my Facebook page..This sums it all up I think...My nightmare began Feb 2011 and finally ended Nov 2014..I am one of the Lucky ones..I survived him & his lies.