Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood and now home...


It's me once again. I am home finally from my romantic adventures in Hollywood. My Sugar Daddy took the photo here so I could share it with one and all.

My Tarot was right. I did need to get away and get my head straight again and figure out what I truly want and need for my own life. I needed to take a step back and try and figure out where I am heading to. I needed a break from Prince Charming and all the extra drama surrounding me. Did I think about the Prince while in Los Angeles ? Of course I did, but not as much as I thought I would. I saw his name everywhere and even saw buses with the names of the cities he lived in while going to University down here in Los Angeles. One night I went to a fast food eatery and the Manager reminded me sooo much of Prince R that I had to laugh. He even did the same Rico Suave act and flirted with me very obvious too. The Manager even assured me "I will see you tomorrow"..LOL..Really ?? Let me know how that works for you, I thought.

We had a marvelous drive to So Calif and made it there in 6 hours or so. I love Hollywood and have friends who are in the industry and that makes for fascinating conversation. I was having a blast till Sun night when I went into my hotel rooms bath and was in the shower..I suddenly slipped..found myself falling backwards and smacked my head straight into the shower wall with such a force, it shook the room. I screamed and I could hear my Sugar Daddy yell from the other room where the Grammys were on and Adele was singing. I found myself pitching forward and about to slam face first into the hard tile floor outside the shower/tub when I felt something or someone push me backwards..I hit the wall again, leaving brusies all over my back, started to slide down into the tub and as it happened, I began to view it all from outside of my body..I blacked out and the next thing I know Sugar Daddy is standing next to the tub quite concerned. He asked me who the President was and I said "Von Hindenburg" and we thought if I can name cabinet ministers from 1930's Germany, than I am going to be okay. It was a long tense night and alot of ice on my head. We did not sleep till well into the next morning.

I am still having some twinges of pain from this fall and smackdown in the tub. I can not recall how I ended up in the tub and it hurts to try to remember what really happened in there. I will never know who saved me I just know someone did and it sure as hell was not me. My friend Mare sent me a message detailing something similar happened to her in her artists studio. She believes we were both saved for a reason. Am I worth saving ? Probably not..but someone thought so..and here I am to blog yet another day.. The rest of the trip was filled..Cool people I met..Great meals..Lovely presents and a very romantic Valentines day.

I am happy to be home but truly miss So Calif right now. I would have preferred to have a non accident trip but there you go..somethings happen for a reason.. As we drove home we were about 55 miles frome home when a guy was speeding behind we pulled over and slowed down to let him pass us and he did so at 80+ miles per hour..he lost control of his car, an SUV and went up on 2 wheels and slammed into a big rig in the next lane..His radiator fluid ended up spraying all over our car/windshield. With Sugar Daddys Nascar driving skills we managed to avoid getting anything worse than that. I checked on the big rig guy and the speedy driver and both were shaken but okay. What a trip..starts off with a fall and ends with a crash...We made it safely home though and boy did our house look great to us by than.

Happy to be home and Happy to be writing this to you all..Happy Weekend,



  1. I firmly believe there are forces, I prefer to think of them as Angels, watching out for us. Maybe they are loved ones that have passed on or something sent by God. Either way, they help.

    I'm just glad you are on the mend and safe!


  2. Mz Foxy,

    Thanks hon..I sure as heck hope so. I know I am changed after the fall but my sis in the UK says, "Lets not fix what broke" far so headaches in the past 5 days..Huzzah :)