Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Life is what our thoughts make of it

Hello Dear Readers,

Just today I had to change my blog settings..I thought I could keep this an open blog but now since I've been unfairly accused of something to keep my privacy, I had to change my settings on the blog to closed to only my fellow bloggers..

I have not done the things someone else accused me of doing. I was not asked if it had happened I was told it happened and to not do it again by someone I trusted. I had to talk to someone else I trusted to make sure if they were the person passing along info they needed to know someone is lying to them and about them too. Now this friend of mine is angry and hurt..and oh yes, crying too. Congrats Monster who sought to hurt me among others..Your lies made someone who trusted you cry too. Bet you didn't think that would happen did you ? Long weekend of no fun. Have I finally stopped you and your lies about me ? I doubt it. With my luck you are a fellow blogger here too..My own family came to view my blog and now I have to close it to stop anymore lies from spreading. They might think it was because of them.

I do not dislike easily or even hate..but now..I am raging. How dare you violate my life and privacy with your lies and gossip ? How dare you Monster..

My one saving grace is that people who believed in you now know you for the liar you are. I was told quite awhile ago by someone I trusted that you are a liar and to not believe a single word you say..You messed with the wrong Bitch this time. Karma will come to those who do evil as well as those who do good.

Sorry folks..Had to say it..



  1. Hello all,

    Thanks for letting me vent beloved readers..I have found out this blog appears to be safe and the one I need to work on is on another site.

    I will not let my writing suffer because of some bad choices in friends that someone I once knew knows..It was to those people the moniker of Monster will always stand.

    I stand vindicated angels..WE all knew I did nothing wrong on Friday..took a long weekend of soul searching to see what I needed to do to make things right. One person repeating gossip to another then another..and I get trapped by their evil words when they are twisted and sent directly at someone I call a friend.

    Have to send a Shout out to my Prince MIKE...My new Prince and a huge part of my heart. Thank you babe..thank you so very much. You know how I feel. xoxoxo



  2. It seems that for us to stay on the internet, we must accept a degree of psychotic behavior from some. I don't know how we can escape it entirely unless we hit that lil red X at the top right corner.

    We can do our best to deal with haters, hypocrites, liars, manipulators, psychos and more, but our friendships will be tested. That's when we find out the true character and strength of the people we call friends.

  3. Mz. Foxy,

    Thank you my friend your very insightful comment. It is true. To be a part of the online community we do need to put up with the bad behavior of others. It seems like such a shame as I believe it is the scary behavior of others that is forcing folks to make the choice to live off the grid so to speak, or stop using chat rooms, message boards, blogging even. To have so many problematic people on the net is killing the enthusiasm and creativity of those who really do wish to contribute to the overall wellness/intelligence that the online community so richly needs/deserves.

    Thank you for sharing & Hugs,