Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 12 2012..I died in a Mans mind..RIP Sexy Sugar Babyz

Hello my Faithful and dear readers,

I did not expect to be passing away in someones mind tonight. Yet alas, I did just that. I had been emailing him since May/June 2012 and I have a folder where ALL 184 emails are saved from him. I thought he was a real nice person..funny, smart, cool to chat with. He is the man of the Initial name here..(the one who lives in fear of being discovered on my blog and having people know the Initial is him..Gasp..the horror...the one simple initial could defeat and damage his whole world. How awful to count me among his friends..sigh)

Tonight I saw him on Y msg and simply IM-ed him asking him how angry was he with me..He claimed to not know what I was talking about. He told me he thought I was the one angry with him. Turns out he told me he is all alone in the world and alas, that is a lie..He has a quite lovely girlfriend who does not know a single thing about me. A good friend told me when we were discussing the Prince of Pain.. (the tombstone could rep his feelings for me too I suppose)..that initial has a "live in girlfriend"..mmmm, what about all those emails asking me for things..massage, to be a meet right now..(THO he refused to speak on the phone..One time he called here as he wanted me to help him through a personal session with a part of his anatomy and moan for him.) I was never sure how I was supposed to set up a meeting when I was not allowed to call him. He never once told me about the GF..all I heard was how lonely he was and no sex for yrs.

I told him how it hurt to be lied to after the Prince of Pain did it for 6 yrs..He denied lying to me. Told me no emails or FB msgs reached him. (Yeah, they did) Told me he owed me nothing though I had been completely honest with him from the beginning. Told me he didn't like it that I believed other peoples lies over him. I NEVER lie so this was quite a blow to me..and I merely told Initial that I was hurt ..not angry or mad..HURT that a friend told me the truth he seemed to be unable or unwilling to do.

His last words were..."Unless you send me those photos of you (racy) you are dead in my mind to me." I said "Ok got it.done" and ended the IM. Sooo unless my darlings I send a man and his GF too I guess, photos of me, I am dead to him. I told a darling friend of mine/role model to me and between her brilliant mind and my Sugar Daddy's, they created this lovely image.

I died tonight in some mans mind..RIP racy photos of me that were never sent and now never will be..LOL.

Initial I really liked you..thought we were becoming very good friends. I even said that right now I have 3/4 male friends I truly trust and named you (OH the horror, I actually said your name) as one of them. I hope you send flowers to my tombstone..this morning, I died in your mind.

RIP: ME :)

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