Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tales Of The Prince Charming Scandal.."PS:Happy Valentine's Day Prince Rick"

Happy Valentine's Day ,

I saw that image on my boards and had to share it here. I do OWN everything that happened to me. I accept my guilt and responsibility for my own mistakes. My biggest mistake of course, being the Prince Not So Charming one. My sister and I were discussing the mess and she wondered how it had all begun. Thanks to Kim K dating Halle Berry's baby Daddy...and a female stalker who used to be a close/good friend..if not for them, this might not have happened at all. Sooo I guess I owe Kim K and Melo-Phon a Huge Thank you for leading me down this path.

It all started In Jan-Feb 2011...You can throw in Zumba workouts and his hatred for anything and everyone connected to it,identity theft, lies,fraud,theft, abuse, stalking, money problems, adultery,Bad credit, toenail fungus, STD testing which he refuses to do,  Tarot readings he had me do on Miss C (the woman he is in lust/love with and had been trying to leave his "wife" for the past 9 yrs to be with.The same woman who dislikes him intensely and has never had any feelings other then repulsion for him ).. and the so called "wifey" Irma-Ali ..adultery with male and female lovers, Police detectives, libel and slander..Truly does seems like a some kind of telenovela indeed. Throw in the Parents who told him that "wifey did not love him but was only with him for their money so she could  purchase a home." How in Hell did I end up in this giant mess ? I trusted a friend who I thought would never lie. I pleaded with him to go to counseling to figure out why his "wifey" was refusing to have sex with him in the way he wanted ( oral, anal, Breast play and three way ) but kept dating men/women behind his back. I suggested an open marriage might be the best for them.. I asked friends of mine who are lawyers to lend him a hand as he keeps taking the Bar Exam but can't pass it on his own ..yet he keeps telling co workers that the only reason "wifey" passed the Bar is because he either A) put on drag and took the test for her or  B) taught her all she knows and that his hard work made it possible for her to finally pass. I begged him to try and make an effort with "wifey's" son from a former relationship..To try and care about this young man..Nope He HATES the poor kid. I tried everything a friend would do to help the man who called me his "Best/Great Friend " and  nothing worked. Lesson Learned my friends..He seemed to be to good to be true or real..and he wasn't. Not by a long shot. You can only help those that really want to be helped. You can only be friends with people who tell the truth and really want to be your friend and not use you for what you can do for him or them.

Stay tuned or Tooned..there is more to come..Oh so much more..

Happy Valentine's Day,


PS: Editing to add this funny jpeg which found its way to my Facebook page..This sums it all up I think...My nightmare began Feb 2011 and finally ended Nov 2014..I am one of the Lucky ones..I survived him & his lies.

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