Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4:00 am WED Morn..Sugar Babyz is on FIRE :)

Hello all,

Well all being the two of us here..Hee hee..but thanks to my friend Mz Foxy for coming by for a peek. WED is the day of the week I worry about the most but today am putting those worries to bed for this yr. If he is there, he is there..if not..(I am betting NOT) than I shall enjoy the company of some amazing men and women who are wayyyyyyy smarter then I am and wonderful people too.

I shall share my Tarot reading for the day as it is sooo hot..LOL..



PS:Proud owner of 6 brand new Monster High dolls and 2 Cleo Monster high deboxed dolls.


Daily Tarot for DEC 28th WED : High Priestess, the devil , the world.

You're on fire today, MAUREEN! With the Devil and the World fanning the flames, you long for the steamy side of love. A fierce sensuality courses through your veins and you want passion above all. You seek out extreme feelings - desire, jealousy, ecstasy - at the expense of romance. You'd better hope your partner is feeling the same way!On the work front, things may be getting a bit complicated under the twin influence of the Devil and the High Priestess. You're surrounded by jealousy, scheming and malicious gossip. The passion that exists between you and certain people around you is in danger of tipping over into outright conflict. Be vigilant!


  1. My lil one says there is a new Monster High create a monster kit that she saw at Toys R Us. I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure she'll make sure I check it out.

  2. MZ Foxy..

    Hi there..Yes there is a new set called Create a monster but the first reviews are not good. You have to bou one set for 29.99 and than buy the add ons to make a doll for another 10.00. Check Amazon for the reviews and you can only make one doll at a time.



  3. Mz Foxy,

    Trust me to type to fast and than the preview would not work on the PC..great dsl failing at same time..Oh my luck..anyhoo..I meant to type out you need to BUY a set for 29.99 and than another set of add ons for 10.00 to make one Monster doll.