Saturday, May 5, 2012

Censoring a Sugar Babyz NEVER works well

Hello Dear Readers,

I finally have my google blog back to normal now and Twitter is safe now too :) I have an update to my recent woes with my life and my erotica. A friend of mine has been rather upset and accused me of things I did not and would NOT in an attempt to appease him, my blog on another site was censored. It broke my heart to do that. I am sad to say I think he knew that it would. YOU do not tell a writer to stop writing and once published or posted ,tell them it has to be removed. I carefully made copies and took screen shots but did as I was ordered to do. Btw, the posts/erotica had been on the website for over a year without a single problem being attributed to it. Not even the tiniest hint of anything favourtism no problems..Until now..ALL because someone talked when they should not have and told the wrong person info/intel they had no right to repeat. Eventually the posts/erotica will come back..By my count over 30,000-50,000 people have viewed and read/enjoyed them on several sites. I have no intention of denying the posts are mine or censoring them elsewhere. Other members blogs were also singled out for censoring. Sadly the whackjob stalker took  a lot more then my words down..she brought others down too and what did she achieve ? Nothing..Nothing at all. Our words may be in hiding but they still breathe, they still move others to pleasure and happiness. You won no battles and you won't win this censorship war.

The Fairy Tale of my life may be over for least this part of it...I will survive ..I will move on and what I had with one, I can have with others. My friend in France told me "You lose 1 and you will gain 10 in its place" I like that statement. There are many Princes out there asking for my other glass slipper..Just a shame that the one I cared about as my dear "great" (as he called me) Friend did not believe IN me as much as I always believed in him. I NEVER believed the gossip about him. I had faith. To bad he had none in me.




  1. Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having at the other blog. Sadly, there are those who think their own moral compasses have precedence over anybody else's, just and act based upon their narrow-minded beliefs. Sever ties and be done with them.

  2. Jaye,

    Thank you my friend for your wonderful comment. I can always trust you to see right into the heart of any matter/issue and offer the best advice/opinion. I did what I was "ordered" to do to save the site from having any future issues. Yet, in the yr the blogs had been up..and read 10,067 times..there had been NO issues at all. All this because one woman went psycho on another woman who'd tried to be a good friend to her.

    Thanks and Hugs,


  3. Sometimes we need to look at what advice we would give a dear friend in the same situation and then follow that advice ourselves.
    You are valuable and need to be respected.

    Always remember, you are loved.

  4. Mz. Foxy,

    Thank you for your lovely words. I wish I had some advice for myself right now. I really trusted that man and believed in him..Yet I am coming to the rapid conclusion he never trusted or believed in me even though he claimed he did. I think it is the losing of a 6 yr friendship and having him walk away the way he did without even a glance back or an apology makes it all the more difficult to understand. All I can think is he saw what the Psycho is doing, what lies she is telling about the other woman..yet he chose to believe her words about him repeated from someone else, with a grudge against him, rather than believe my truth about our friendship.

    1 yr or 1 thousand..I always keep my word..