Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bigger Better Brighter Days Ahead

Good Morning Darling Readers..

I promised a happier Blog post and this is it..A few cute jpegs that made my heart go "awww" when I saw them.

Happy News to share : I am now at over 50,000 views/readers of my 5 Erotic tales and for that I am so damm grateful. Thank you all for helping me reach this milestone. It is just the beginning..Onwards and Upwards.

At another site where My Erotica is published..I started a thread titled "Lost Princess"..on my search for answers as to why a Man pretended to be Prince Charming and a Master when he was not able to be either of those things. I have made some lifelong family/friends at that site. In the 3 yrs the thread has been up...It has reached 100 pages...36,799 views and 2,475 replies. Men and Women came together to help the Lost Princess (Me) find some answers. Along the way we've shared advice, laughs, sexy giggles, smiles and sadness too..Some of our family there have weathered health issues and breakups. We stood together and weathered it all. This morning a post by me created page #100.

I have not cried over the loss of  "The Prince". I did cry over Boston and West Texas and Prayed for peace and safety for all I care for. No tears for him though I know that feeling all to well over 3 yrs..I never gave up on the image of him that he pretended to be. I probably never will. I wish him peace and happiness and may the woman he loves so much one day find it in her heart to not make fun of him and love him back instead of making him and his love for her a joke to be mocked and ridiculed.

I have all my emotions back and all pistons are firing Normal and Happy :) I just wanted to share the jpegs in case others here feel the same type of loss and sadness..YOU can and will heal..It just takes time for us all to begin anew. If I can do it, and I never thought I could..Then so can YOU.

Hang in there Darlings..This roller coaster is on the way UP for good...



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