Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me On My Day of Freedom :)

Hello Darling Readers,

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeee...This is the first time in 3 yrs that a certain "Prince" will not be a part of my day. No angels, no idea why. I just know this is so wrong. I am tired of feeling sorry and anxious about him and his moods. I am tired of it always being "the woman's fault". Tired of allowing him to raise my hopes up and then watch him as he takes pride in dashing them in front of me. Did I ever forget one of your special days ? NO, Never..Every exam you took, every Oct Birthday, every important work event..I never forgot..I was always there to cheer you up, cheer you on or hold you as you dealt with failure. I never complained and wore the collar you put on me with pride as you "chose" to collar me. I worried about you, I prayed for you and I put your needs first always even when they were about the "only woman you want who doesn't want you". When I said "Forever Friends" I meant it..and when you called me your "Great Best Friend" what a damm shame you did not mean one word of it.

I refuse to allow you to hurt me anymore. I refuse to allow you to steal anymore of my heart. I did everything I could to make your world a happier place. I hope one day you know what it feels like to feel like me. No, that would be to cruel and I was never the cruel one. I wish you'd been the man you pretended to be. Sadly that was to much to hope for.

Sorry for the sad blog..Next time it will be a better , happier post/thread. Kicking the negative to the curb.



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