Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gimme the bad news baby..I want to know that I am your biggest mistake


A HUGE thank you to two friends of mine who cheered me up today and sat with me and let me cry on them a bit..Ok more than a bit...sorry ladies about that :)

My sis Beth asked me what I was looking for or hoping for..all I want now is the truth. I think I know it but I just want to hear it . As bad as I know it will be, I'd rather hear it than go on wondering what went wrong.

It's funny and sad..everytime I go out I get attention from men..tonight I had to call in a new credit card and the guy started giving me his whole life story from high school on and than added I should call anytime ..and how sad he was that he did not have a direct phone number to give to me so I could call him and just him..I told him, yes I was using The Voice, "Baby, you have my number now..use it". The one man I want to talk to me can't be bothered and all the rest, all they seem to want to do is talk to me..touch me..possess me. Promise me how happy they can make me..Fairy tales should not be this hard. (BTW the credit card guy has a hot voice too and is a reserve fireman in Arizona. Sounded hot. )

Even for this Sugar Babyz life is hard..Does it ever get any easier when the folks we care so much for let us down ?




  1. Hmmm A reserve fireman in Arizona, huh? With a hot voice?

    You know they fall in love with you with your sexy, sultry voice. You'd have me breathing hard if I was a guy!!

  2. Mz. Foxy,

    LOL my dear..and man oh man did he sound hot..He is even posing for a calender. :) David I believe was his name and he told me he lived across the street from Discover offices..LOL..Is that an invite ? Thank you for the generous compliment on my voice or as we all call it "the voice". It does seem to work somehow. Just wish it still worked on my Legal Friend. Oh well..it did for awhile. The memories of those days are worth keeping.