Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tarot Cards..Love and wth ??

Hello all,

I hope this finds everyone well and happy..I am doing good today. Had a bunch of laughs with a pal from the "other" site as we refer to it..(The link is on my google+ profile) Then I came to my emails and the horoscopes, tarot and love scope for WED was there in my inbox. WED is "Prince Charming" day for me usually..Not sure what the stars are trying to tell me. I have been to afraid to do my own Tarot card reading for fear of what it will tell Me. Maybe tonight I will..

Wish me luck..I'll need it..

Here is my daily horoscope for WED :

Your horoscope for January 11, 2012 When it comes to issues of requiring real thinking, be careful of letting someone else take control. You might have a rather lazy attitude in this department, MAUREEN, and it could be tempting to simply let someone else do the thinking for you. This type of attitude is apt to lead you down a path that is not meant for you to walk on. Taking responsibility for yourself means always thinking for yourself, as well. So do it.

Yowsa...that is sooo me, isn't it ? Little Miss does what she is told to do always..sigh..

My Love scope also WED :

Your love horoscope for January 11, 2012 The vibration from the planets makes you very prone to believing anything and everything today. If someone has been pursuing you quite ardently, you may find that they resort to a different set of tactics whereby they try to work on your sympathy, or get you to listen to a certain sob story in order to make you feel guilty. Whatever you do, don't pay attention.

Great..I can see how WED is going to be already...more sighs..

The Tarot for WED..The cards were : The High Priestess (Love) The Empress (Touchstone) and The Star (Career)

The word for your love life today, MAUREEN, is caution! Don't try talking things over with others until you've thought real hard about what you can or should say. The dual influence of the High Priestess and the Empress is making you rather ambivalent - you feel open and reserved, both at the same time. So no empty-headed chattering with your girlfriends, no rambling to your significant other, just sit quiet and listen and don't speak unless you have to.In your professional life, your sincerity and motivation make you very successful. When it comes to analyzing situations, you are lucid and intelligent, you take the right steps to resolve any problems, and you know how to negotiate with your partners and how to conclude a deal with a client. The Star and the Empress are exerting a very beneficial influence on all your human contacts and communications today. As soon as you open your mouth, people will listen!

The words for the day..Listen and Caution..Oh boy is Ryans room going to be a lot of fun today.


Maureen, Your Favourite Red headed Witch :)

PS: I will do a Tarot tonight before bed and post results later..wish me more luck.


  1. Maybe you should do a reading of me and come up with some answers that I cannot.

    Hmmmm... or maybe I shouldn't know what's ahead. For every good thing, there is a not so good thing, but I suppose some would say the reverse could be true too.

    I just wish I wasn't floundering for so long. It's been years since I felt really balanced and happy.

  2. Mz. Foxy,

    I'd be honoured to do a reading for you. Everyone says my readings are 100% accurate. My sis Beth in UK had 2 more readings done after mine and all the results matched up 100 % !! I give you all sides of the cards so you can see every possible situation. I hear you on feeling not as balanced as you'd like. I have been off balance and not as happy as I would have liked. I thought "extra happiness" was supposed to mean just that ? I guess I wished for more than I was entitled to.

    Hoping for a Happier Thurs,