Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Daily Tarot reading for Jan 24 2012

Hello all,

I am still standing..as Elton John would sing..I will survive as Gloria would sing..

Those of you who know about my Prince and myself well ..9 mths is as long as "always" appears to last.

That is why I thought this Tarot reading I received in my email was to to funny..Someone is either reading my mind/heart or just trying to be helpful in a bizarre way.

The other reading I did for myself was very good. It described the Prince to a "T" and said what I needed was a very nice restful vacation..so it looks like I shall be heading to Southern Calif soon..Peace is what the cards are telling me I need. I shall listen to them.

Enjoy this wild Tarot..& Hugssss,


PS: I am not the one who closed the door on anything..or did I ?? ;)

Daily Tarot for Jan 24, 2012 ..The Emperor (Love)..The Judgement (Touchstone)..The Hanged man (Career)

Today, be ready to listen to someone who opens their heart to you, MAUREEN! Judgment, together with the Emperor, promises a few surprises as far as love is concerned. You may have thought that Prince Charming hardly knew you existed, but he suddenly looks your way; or Sleeping Beauty suddenly wakes from her slumber and her eyes light on you. Your daily routine is set to be stirred up by unexpected events - don't close the door on them!As far as work is concerned, you may get some news that leads to a shake-up, but it doesn't excite you in the least! With the Hanged Man clouding your attitude, you're unable to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Judgment. You could be offered a journey to the ends of the earth and you'd only see it as a great reason to stay home in bed. A bit more optimism and open-mindedness will bring you great things today!


  1. Very interesting reading! I think you are making great strides towards yourself and I'm very proud of you!

  2. MZ. Foxy,

    Thank you for your thoughts. Todays Tarot reading for Jan 26th basically told me to stay in bed all day and hide under the covers..LOL..Here is a snippet of it :

    Frustration, gloom, and despair are a fair description of your mood today, dear MAUREEN. The alliance of the Hanged Man and the Moon suggests you're thinking that your emotional life has reached some kind of impasse, and that there's no way out. These cards confirm the need for a separation and are telling you that your hopes of a reconciliation are doomed to failure..

    Gee..thanks cards...still ticked at me for the fact I did a Tarot reading based on lies he told me ? :(

    I am trying babe..I swear I am trying..I just pray the road keeps smooth and straight before me.