Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dolls (well some of) in my Dollhouse

Hello Dear Readers,

I shared this photo on my FB page but thought I'd share it here too..These are the dolls that helped inspire me to bring my dollhouse here and blog about my life as a Sugar Babyz. Sugar Daddy bought all these dolls. They range from $3.99 for the open Cleo de Nile dolls out of package up to $21.99 for a Lagoona set. They are highly addictive as you can see/tell. I told Him that he never enables my bad behavior/choices. Sugar Daddy laughed then said that He only enables me in this collection and one on Kathy Van Zeeland handbags. LOL. He is such a good provider..I am a lucky Babyz indeed.

Happy Half Naked WED..Happy HUMP Day..Happy Wankers Day as my sis says in the UK,

Have fun & Enjoy Life,




  1. I just got mini-me the create a monster combo of dragon/werewolf. We are still looking for the new dolls that came out. Her MH bestie just got Rochelle, but got the last one on the shelf.

    Target, ToysRUs and Walmart don't really have much on their shelves. Which sucks.

  2. Hello,

    Awesome.. I have yet to purchase those create a monster sets..I want one though. I will keep looking. I saw a Rochelle sitting on a shelf but when I went back for it, gone..I think the stores put them out on Thurs. I might run by a Wal-mart today so can check there for you both. I dislike it when the shelves are bare as I picture all the dealers/ebayers rushing in before Moms and lit girls and Babyz like me can get there to just buy one doll we want..

    Hugs to you and the wonderful kids,